Farmers in rural Kenya
DEM-SKY is funded by the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative and led by Dr Nicolas Farina and Prof David Ndetei (Africa Mental Health Foundation; Co-PIs). 
In Kenya, many people are currently living with dementia without a formal diagnosis or support; often attributing symptoms to normal ageing, a consequence of past behaviours, e.g., stealing from a home that has been protected by witchcraft or being cursed. 
Dementia screening is not common within Kenya and healthcare workers are not well equipped to detect dementia in patients. Improving the supply (or opportunity) of dementia screening within the region may promote uptake, thus leading to more people to seek a formal diagnosis and subsequently receive support within the Kenyan healthcare system. 


Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) have successfully demonstrated their value in delivering health interventions within Kenya and have strong links within local communities. 
Through leveraging this resource, we will deliver dementia screening to older adults (≥ 60 years) within Makueni County, Kenya over a 6-month period. 


The purpose of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of the study by understanding the adoption, implementation and continuation of the study, using questionnaires and interviews on the study participants. 
Through gaining perspectives of different stakeholders involved in the programme (i.e., older adults, CHWs, hospital staff and trainers), it ensures that we understand the reason for successful (or unsuccessful) delivery.