Christian Burden, Director of Development at the University
Christian Burden, Director of Development at the University

Leading online charity publication The Fundraiser recently interviewed Christian Burden, Director of Development at Plymouth University, about the University’s successful partnership with Brain Tumour Research.

The neuroscience research team at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry is world-leading, especially in the area of low-grade brain tumours.

The research team is led by Professor Oliver Hanemann. Their world-leading work is focused on low-grade tumours in teenagers and adults. By identifying and understanding the mechanism that makes a cell become cancerous, the team explores ways in which to halt or reverse that mechanism. A key innovation is fast track: testing new drugs in human primary cell cultures leading to innovative phase 0 trials leading to adaptive phase II/III trials with the potential for making drug therapies available to patients both safely and faster.

The search for a drug therapy is crucial, because at present the only treatment options are invasive surgery or radiotherapy.

In his interview, Christian explains how the relationship with charity Brain Tumour Research came about, what has been unique about the partnership, how the University has worked with the charity to mutual benefit, and the activities and ways of working which have really worked.

Said Christian: 

“The interview with The Fundraiser gave us a great opportunity to showcase our successful partnership with Brain Tumour Research. We are a year in to a five year relationship with the option to extend the arrangement beyond that, so everything we are doing is for the long term. I hope that the interview will encourage more charities to forge alliances with universities, and give university colleagues the impetus to make the most of these opportunities when they come along.”

Read Christian’s interview with The Fundraiser

To find out more about the partnership between Plymouth University and Brain Tumour Research, and get involved with their fundraising and awareness raising activities, visit the Brain Tumour Research at Plymouth University web pages.