Researcher Zoe Allen is looking to recruit dentists to her study
Researcher Zoe Allen is looking to recruit dentists to her study

Dentists have varying perceptions of their roles and their colleagues’ roles in the profession, which may in turn impact upon how and when patients are referred for treatment.

Until now there has been no research to ascertain dentists’ views about this situation, but new research to be carried out by Zoe Allen, an Academic Clinical Fellow in Primary Dental Care at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, seeks to engage with dentists to plug this knowledge gap for the first time.

Zoe is conducting a research study which gives dentists a unique opportunity to take part in interviews about their perceptions and experiences of professional roles and referrals within primary dental care. The aim of the study is to generate understanding about what it means to be a dentist in primary care and how that may influence the use of referral services.

The study will use data from interviews with dentists from general dental practices, community dental services and other providers of dentistry in primary care. As a consequence, the involvement of dentists from across the range is vital to the success of the research.

Said Zoe: 

“There is research about dentists’ perceptions of themselves and their colleagues, but nothing that plots the relationship between that and patient referrals within primary care. We believe that the findings of this study will provide vital evidence which could be used to the benefit of the profession and our patients.”

More information about the study and how to take part is available in the link below.