Florence Abraham

Florence Eke Abraham - BSc (Hons) Computing

"Coming to Plymouth will be one on the most important decisions of your life.

At the time of choosing my degree, the only option opened to me as an Aptech student was computing, computer science and information security. I therefore chose computing because to me it's all encompassing; there is virtually no area of human endeavour that does not employ computing or the use of computers. The degree gives me a great deal of relevance in today's world.

I chose the University of Plymouth because I like it. Right from my first year at Aptech World-wide I had fallen in love with the University of Plymouth and chose it as my first choice among the list of universities opened to us. I like the standard of teaching in Plymouth, it's very high and that's what I've always wanted. The best thing about my course so far is that it presents me with problem solving and analytical thinking skills.

I like a quiet place for learning, therefore the location was an attraction to me though I am still discovering Plymouth. I also liked the testimonies of other students who had studied here, they talked about how supportive the lecturers are and this I have found out to be true. All the lecturers are experts in their various fields and that is very rewarding. Plymouth is a multicultural and multi-national university, the diversity amazes me. 

Finally, the ranking and awards of the University among top universities in the world is worth identifying with, the green award and others.

The best thing about Plymouth is that everybody, regardless of race, colour or belief, is welcome. The yard stick is that you must be ready to learn. If you are ready to learn you will be presented with all the resources and environment suitable for it.

I am still adjusting culturally to the UK but so far I have settled in. I enjoy the fact that peoples' rights and opinions are respected; the country generally allows you to express yourself in diverse ways without fear. Plymouth in particular is a peaceful and serene place to study.

I have received a lot of help and assistance in settling in to student life at Plymouth. My classmate from Aptech welcomed me at the train station and was very supportive. Dr Mark who coordinated the Aptech induction was, and is still, very supportive. He is always there to answer my questions and to refer me to relevant people if he could not solve a particular problem. 

Before I left the shores of Nigeria I had been communicating with Joanna Davis from the faculty. I thought she was communicating with me just to get me to enrol at the University of Plymouth but it amazes me that she is always there to support at all times. She is always there to clear your confusion, give you a shoulder to lean on and be yourself, two of her type will make the University of Plymouth a paradise for students. 

Going to university, especially one like the University of Plymouth, is worth the cost. You get value for your money and achieve beyond your expectation if you are ready to learn. 

If you are considering studying at Plymouth, you will get much more than you bargained for positively if you are ready to learn. Be ready to tolerate people as you are going to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. Be ready for culture shock. Above all you must know that anything you face (negative or positive) cannot be compared to the goal you have come to achieve at the University of Plymouth so you must be focused."