Regina Ezinne Ben-Ibezim

I have always wanted to go into the environmental and earth sciences

I decided to study environmental sciences at the University’s School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences because I have always wanted to go into the environmental and earth sciences and it’s what I had always envisioned doing for my master’s degree. Combining this with my undergraduate degree in biochemistry gives me a wide range of knowledge, making me an environmental biochemist. My favourite modules during my MSc would be GEES506 Climate Change: Science and Policy and GEES515 Professional Practice in the Environmental Sector. 
My dissertation topic is “The potential for soil composed of waste materials to meet threshold concentrations for heavy metal contamination.” I will be focusing on damaged soils and their remediation. This aspect of the programme helps me explore and requires that I input knowledge from my undergraduate course through laboratory practices. I’m excited about it.
I am delighted I chose this programme. After I graduate, I plan to get a job using my degree, after which I plan on doing my PhD, enhancing my career, and gaining experience in this field. 

I decided to study at Plymouth because it was on the coast and had good reviews

I know many people who graduated from the University and were doing well in their chosen careers, and they all had excellent things to say. 
My first impression of the city of Plymouth was its very diverse cultural representation in the town. I was impressed and excited to be part of it. 
The significant difference I have observed in Plymouth compared to my home country is how quiet and calm the city is. 
The people here are friendly and always smiling. 

I would say writing essays were my biggest challenge

Where I come from, we were assessed by writing exams. When I first arrived, I didn’t know how to write essays; I had to do a lot of research and practice to help me get better with my essay writing. If you are not used to writing essays, start taking classes and doing a lot of reading to improve your writing skills.
I have benefitted from the student career services. I love how their staff are always ready to help. Also, the student help desk in the library helped me in my early days on campus.
Tinside Lido

MSc Sustainable Environmental Management

This IEMA accredited programme provides an outstanding foundation for a career in environmental management by providing diverse perspectives and practical training on the scientific, economic, ethical and political challenges of sustainability and environmental protection.
Classroom and field-based teaching and a short placement enables you to investigate your specific interests and to gain first-hand experience and skills in developing practical solutions to environmental management issues and 21st century global challenges.
wind turbines in the Oiz eolic park. Image courtesy of Getty Images.