Dr Jaysan Charlesford

Dr Jaysan Charlesford

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)





  • PhD in Social Psychology, Plymouth University, 2017. "The Moderating Effect of Intergroup Climate on the Prejudice Reducing Effects of Intergroup Contact."
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods, University of Plymouth, 2006.
  • BSc Psychology, University of Plymouth, 2003.



Research interests

Psychological Interests

    • Prejudice/Discrimination/Inequality
      • Dispositional predictors of prejudice (e.g., political ideology)
      • Institutional prejudice
    • Prejudice-reduction
      • Intergroup contact theory
      • Imagined contact
    • Intergroup climate
      • Taxonomies of conflict
      • Taxonomies of authority
      • Micro- vs. macro-level modelling of intergroup climate
Methodological Interests

    • Statistical modelling
      • Moderation analysis
      • Mediation analysis
      • Conditional process analyses (e.g., moderated mediation)
      • Path analysis
      • Factor analyses
      • Structural equation modelling (SEM)
      • Multi-level modelling
    • Mental simulation interventions
    • Psychometrics
      • Scale construction
      • Scale validation



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

McKeown S, Di Bernardo GA, Charlesford J, Vezzali L & Sagherian-Dickey T (2024) 'Peer inclusion and school equality norm associations with intergroup contact, and academic self‚Äźefficacy amongst ethnic majority and ethnic minority youth' Journal of Applied Social Psychology Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Bacon AM, Charlesford J, Hyland M, Puskas T & Hughes P (2023) 'Finding Silver Linings in the Covid-19 Pandemic: A 2-Wave Study in the UK' Psychological Reports , DOI Open access
Bacon A, Charlesford J, Puskas T, Hughes P & Hyland M (2023) 'Finding Silver Linings in the Covid-19 Pandemic: a 2-wave study with the UK general public' Psychological Reports , DOI Open access
McKeown S, Sagherian-Dickey T, Kwong J & Charlesford J (2022) 'Putting theory into peaceful practice: insights and reflections on the process of co-producing a school-based intergroup relations intervention with teachers' Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. , DOI Open access
Terbeck S, Charlesford J, Clemans H, Pope E, Lee A, Turner J, Gummerum M & Bussmann B (2021) 'Physical Presence during Moral Action in Immersive Virtual Reality' International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18, (15) 8039-8039 , DOI Open access
Lenton-Maughan LA, Smith V, Bacon A, May J & Charlesford J (2021) 'Ethical Considerations for Committees, Supervisors, Student Researchers Conducting Qualitative Research with Young People in the United Kingdom' Methods in Psychology , DOI Open access
Bacon A, May J & Charlesford J (2020) 'Understanding Public Attitudes to Hate: Developing and Testing a U.K. Version of the Hate Crime Beliefs Scale' Journal of Interpersonal Violence 0, 0-0 , DOI Open access
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Statton R, Bacon A, Charlesford J & Terbeck S '#Disgusted: Identifying potential sub-factors of Moral Disgust through Reflexive Thematic Analysis of Tweets' Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin Open access
Presentations and posters
Statton R & Charlesford J Statton R & Charlesford J 'The Immoral Prince: Examining the relationship between differential power dynamics, moral disgust, and group leadership'