Dr Jaysan Charlesford

Dr Jaysan Charlesford

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



PhD in Social Psychology, Plymouth University, 2017. "The Moderating Effect of Intergroup Climate on the Prejudice Reducing Effects of Intergroup Contact."

MSc Psychological Research Methods, University of Plymouth, 2006.

BSc Psychology, University of Plymouth, 2003.

Research interests

Psychological Interests
    • Prejudice/Discrimination/Inequality
      • Dispositional predictors of prejudice (e.g., political ideology)
      • Institutional prejudice
    • Prejudice-reduction
      • Intergroup contact theory
      • Imagined contact
    • Intergroup climate
      • Taxonomies of conflict
      • Taxonomies of authority
      • Micro- vs. macro-level modelling of intergroup climate

Methodological Interests
    • Statistical modelling
      • Moderation analysis
      • Mediation analysis
      • Conditional process analyses (e.g., moderated mediation)
      • Path analysis
      • Factor analyses
      • Structural equation modelling (SEM)
      • Multi-level modelling
    • Mental simulation interventions
    • Psychometrics
      • Scale construction
      • Scale validation

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Bacon A, May J & Charlesford J 2020 'Understanding public attitudes to hate: developing and testing a UK version of the Hate Crime Beliefs Scale' Journal of Interpersonal Violence 0, 0-0 , DOI Open access
Farmer H, Hewstone M, Spiegler O, Morse H, Saifullah A, Pan X, Fell B, Charlesford J & Terbeck S 2020 'Positive intergroup contact modulates fusiform gyrus activity to black and white faces' Scientific Reports 10, (1) , DOI Open access
Bacon AM & Charlesford JJ 2018 'Investigating the association between fantasy proneness and emotional distress: the mediating role of cognitive coping strategies' Personality and Individual Differences 135, 157-165 , DOI Open access
Choma BL, Charlesford JJ, Dalling L & Smith K 2014 'Effects of viewing 9/11 footage on distress and Islamophobia: a temporally expanded approach' Journal of Applied Social Psychology 45, (6) 345-354 , DOI
Choma B, Hodson G, Hoffarth MR, Charlesford JJ & Hafer CL 2014 'Reasoning Ability and Ideology' Journal of Individual Differences 35, (3) 177-183 , DOI
Choma BL, Charlesford JJ & Hodson G 'Reducing Prejudice with (Elaborated) Imagined and Physical Intergroup Contact Interventions' Current Research in Social Psychology Open access