Researchers in the COAST Lab
The Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory provides physical model testing with combined waves, currents and wind, offered at scales appropriate for device testing, array testing, environmental modelling and coastal engineering. 
The facility is closely aligned with the COAST Engineering Research Group.

Our research

Floating offshore wind research

The Physical modelling of floating offshore wind turbines is challenging due to the complexities associated with the simultaneous application of two different scaling laws, governing the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic loading on the structure. 
Within the COAST laboratory we offer two different approaches for modelling wind loading to overcome these challenges. These approaches have built on our experience of testing floating offshore platforms since 2018 for both the commercial and research sector.

COAST Engineering Research Group

The COAST Engineering Research Group is a leading team of coastal and ocean engineering researchers carrying out both fundamental and applied research.
The group contains recognised specialists in laboratory modelling, numerical modelling, field experimentation and theoretical analysis. We focus on major problems facing society regarding rising sea levels, flood risk, and marine renewable energy which have been highlighted in recent government reviews. 
COAST Engineering research group
Marine Building, Plymouth