PhD offer for industries

Now it is a great time for businesses to consider developing their ideas through a PhD. With the need to develop new ideas and new products in an ever evolving marketplace, getting genuinely independent, expert and objective input from a PhD, or Doctorates they are also referred, is a unique way of accelerating any form of research and development. 

As a business, you can fund a PhD student or engage with a group of doctorate students. This will give you a dedicated and diverse expert resource to focus on a specific business challenge. Companies also enhance their competitiveness and innovation through knowledge transfer with universities and research institutions.

Get in touch with Enterprise Solutions to discuss your needs and we can help find the best route forward. There are a variety of options available depending on your timescales and the type of expertise needed.

Benefits for the business

  • x Accelerate R&D ambitions to gain improved profitability and a competitive market advantage
  • x Access to cutting-edge knowledge and technologies
  • x Dedicated and diverse expert resource to focus on a specific business challenge
  • x Opportunity to develop new in-depth thinking for areas of growth
  • x Secure an in-depth, value free, external perspective

Richard Arundal - On-Orbit Manufacturing for Spacecraft Infrastructure

The PhD experience with Plymouth has been very, very positive. I was surprised how quickly my project took form and was given a clear direction - it’s evolved quickly, and I am very pleased with that. 

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Matt Bardell, Group Sustainability Manager, Saputo Dairy UK

For a business, funding a PhD is a fantastic way to get impartial information and answers to a problem that they don’t have the resources for. A PhD is an economic way of accessing a huge amount of in-kind advice from the academic supervisory team.

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Sarah Williams, Biodiversity and Wetland Project Manager, Wessex Water

It is great working with University of Plymouth on this restoration of Moorlinch SSSI as we can see the influence of nutrients in wetland pools and scrapes, whether they are connected or not to the ditch systems. The findings of the PhD will inform wider work that Wessex Water and other organisations are undertaking to address elevated concentrations of nutrients in the Somerset Levels and Moors.

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