Black oil beetle. Getty.

As a zoology student your career options are as varied as the range of species you will study. Whether you want to become a research scientist or work in the field of conservation, we’ll assist you throughout your degree to ensure that by the time you graduate you’ll be on route to the career of your choice.

Our zoology degree is a very hands-on course with a strong emphasis on laboratory and field skills. This means you’ll spend a great deal of your time out in the field and studying all aspects of life in the lab. Ensuring that you’re involved in practical work both in the lab and in the field allows us to better prepare you for your chosen career. Our professional development modules in the first and second year allow you to track those skills. Making sure when you apply for jobs you have the evidence of the range of skills you have developed over your degree

Ready to succeed

Ensuring you graduate with skills that are directly applicable to a range of professions – from environmental consultant to researcher – is a primary focus of our teaching. So you’ll develop a range of practical skills that you’ll use throughout your career, from data analysis to writing reports. You’ll also have the chance to gain real-life work experience during a third-year placement with an organisation of your choosing – also serving as an opportunity to make contacts.

Keeping your options open

Zoology graduates typically work in a wide range of fields such as consultancy, teaching, research, policy organisations, zoos. When you graduate you’ll be in a position to:

  • keep pace with ever changing discoveries, insights and thinking
  • create and influence policy
  • work actively to conserve animal life all over the world
  • pursue postgraduate teaching qualifications
  • gain entry to a postgraduate research programmes.

Red birds in Africa.