The moment I realised... I wanted to be an optometrist

Jumanah Akhtar's experiences in her first year of BSc (Hons) Optometry made her certain of the career path she wanted to follow

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I believe that sight is one of the best gifts you can give to a person.

Jumanah Akhtar optometry student

I have always had a passion for helping the community in various ways, but wondered what the best career path would be for me. I feel that one of the best ways to help someone is to restore their eyesight, which led me to optometry. The more I researched optometry and observed optometrists working, the greater my passion grew; I realised that optometry is the career for me.

I first felt like I was becoming an optometrist when I was performing pre-screening tests during my placement near the beginning of my first year. While performing these screenings, I was able to identify the different aspects of the back of the eye and could immediately spot anomalies and reassure patients about their eye concerns. Doing this with confidence is my proudest achievement in optometry so far.

My experiences on my optometry course have taught me how to deal with customers and understand their problems in order to overcome them. The course has also helped me to develop my relationships with patients, allowing them to trust me.

Studying optometry at the University of Plymouth is a special experience.

From the start of the course, students are sent to placements where they are able to see the different elements of an optometrist’s life. This has also helped me to understand why we learn different aspects of optometry and how these lead to the care of the patient.

In 20 years’ time, I see myself working in a hospital, helping to treat patients with serious problems such as cataracts, allowing them to see clearly once again.

To be able to see the smile of a patient who is once again able to see is something no one can put a price on.


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