Alexandra Tuijl

I enrolled onto BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Foundation Year at the University of Plymouth after taking a gap year following A levels. I decided to take the foundation year due to not feeling confident when it came to exams as well as not completing further Mathematics at A level.

Completing a foundation year will not only get me up to the level of the other first year students, but it has given me more confidence when preparing for my exams. Through completing this extra year I also feel that I’ve gained certain skills when it comes to the way we are expected to present our work, which other students going straight into first year will not have.

I have found that each individual lecturer has their own topic which they are enthusiastic about, so if you are not confident on certain aspects within the modules they can provide in depth knowledge on the subject. The university also provides more support through SUM:UP and the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS). SUM:UP is based in the library and provides extra assistance for students of all levels taking a Mathematics degree. The PALS sessions, which are part of our weekly timetable, include students of higher years who have completed the same course giving guidance and also help with any areas where improvement may be needed.

Whilst the foundation year goes over some content that you may have previously been introduced to, the course is still academically challenging and provides a new insight into the way Mathematics works. The weekly feedback provided from lecturers ensures we are always improving.

In my opinion, choosing to complete a foundation year has only been beneficial. My fascination for Mathematics has grown and I am even more motivated to complete my degree.