Mix and collaborate with musicians BSc (Hons) Computing, Audio and Music Technology
Physical computing is all about designing and creating objects that use a range of sensors, actuators, and software to interact with the world around them. 
Students will learn to develop their own systems using programming environments, electronic components, and microcontroller boards. 
Most of the module will be organised around practical, hands-on design-and-build exercises.

Practical learning

In this hands-on learning programme, students physically build their own equipment from scratch.  
In our state-of-the-art, brand new music technology facilities, complete with a MAC suite, students will embark on a practical project that includes programming and setting up sensors to develop a deep understanding of the tools.  
No previous experience is necessary. We don’t just learn how to use other people's equipment, we build our own! 
BSc (Hons) Computing, Audio and Music TechnologyEduardo Miranda. computer music