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BSc (Hons) Applied Sport and Health Science

Rated Ofsted Outstanding (2016), Truro and Penwith College provides a range of quality degree courses with employer needs in mind. All students benefit from an excellent support network that helps to put them on the best footing for a successful future after graduating. Finding themselves at home in purpose-built buildings with expert lecturers and access to industry-standard equipment, students can study a quality university course right here in Cornwall.
A variety of people enter higher education with an assortment of experiences and commitments, but with the flexibility at the heart of our programmes, the College offers a compressed timetable and small class sizes to allow students to study in a relaxed and supportive environment. Whatever your background, studying University courses at Truro and Penwith College means an opportunity to study locally, the chance to fit home or part-time work around your lectures and the one thing all our students have in common – the shared experiences of a quality education right here in Cornwall.
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Course details

  • Year 1

  • Core modules

    • Introduction to Sports Psychology (TRUR1246)

      This is an introductory module that will introduce some of the core principles of psychology, as well as underlying theories, and popular research topics within the area of sport psychology.

    • Motor Learning and Biomechanics (TRUR1247)

      This is an introductory module that will introduce some of the core biomechanical principles in relation to human movement and sporting performance.

    • Health Monitoring and Evaluation (TRUR1248)

      This module will aim to equip learners with the necessary skills to evaluate and monitor health and wellbeing. Learners will explore various modes of testing and develop the skills required to interpret data in relation to health promotion and client engagement.

    • Research Methods (TRUR1250)

      This module introduces the concept of scientific method and how this is applied to sport science. It will develop an understanding of quantitative and qualitative techniques and will introduce basic statistical analysis, interpretation and presentation.

    • Anatomy and Physiology (TRUR1275)

      The aim of this module is to give students an understanding of the structure and function of those systems in the human body that are of direct relevance to sport and exercise. 

    • Nutrition (TRUR1276)

      This module aims to enable the learner to demonstrate the ability to understand the main principles of nutritional theory as well as the abilities required to work with a client when assessing their nutritional needs. 

  • Year 2

  • Core modules

    • Teaching and Learning in Physical Education (TRUR2240)

      This module gives learners the opportunity to understand and apply the knowledge, skills and concepts integral to teaching and learning. The module will enable students to understand the concept of learning and relate this to the delivery of a practical activity. The combination of practical and theory lessons will provide the necessary skills to conduct an effective session in accordance with general teaching practice.

    • Exercise Prescription (TRUR2241)

      This module aims to give students an understanding of the underlying principles of exercise prescription and training principles including an introduction to clients with specific training needs. Some consideration will be given to working anatomy and physiology related to exercise and training.

    • Social Context of Health and Sport (TRUR2242)

      In line with government recommendations addressing health risks and the awareness of the benefits of exercise, this module will look at society as a whole and question why some groups are at risk. The concept of epidemiology is introduced along with an understanding of the practices used.

    • Project (TRUR2243)

      This module will provide students with the opportunity to develop an investigation of their own related to the programme. The topic must first be agreed with the module leader, with due reference to ethical and practical considerations, and for those wishing to prepare themselves for progression, with the appropriate programme leader(s).

    • Psychology of Sport and Health (TRUR2278)

      This module will develop the learners understanding of psychological theory in relation to both sports performance and health promotion. The psychological benefits of physical activity will be explored in conjunction with psychology theories that explain and develop sporting performance. 

    • Physiology of Sports Performance (TRUR2279)

      This module builds on the knowledge gained of anatomy and physiology during Stage 1 to explore the body’s responses to training and performance. A thorough understanding of scientific testing and training prescription will be developed to enable learners to link exercise physiological theory to practical delivery. 

  • Final year

  • Core modules

    • Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise (TRUR3080)

      The module aims to develop students’ critical awareness of contemporary issues associated with various aspects of sport and exercise. This module adopts a problem-based approach, requiring the student to consider innovative and creative solutions to contemporary problems from theoretical and pragmatic perspectives.

    • Physical Activity and Public Health (TRUR3081)

      This module aims provide students with an in depth understanding of public health in relation to physical activity within society. A range of intervention strategies will be examined through utilising appropriate methods and frameworks.

    • Honours Dissertation (TRUR3088)

      This dissertation aims to provide students with the opportunity to research and produce a synopsis within an area of their own choosing approved by staff and college ethics committee. The synopsis must then pass an ethical board before the student may complete their dissertation under academic supervision.

    Optional modules

    • Movement Analysis (TRUR3082)

      This module is designed to allow students to develop their understanding biomechanical of principles in relation to a range of sporting applications. Students will utilise and critically evaluate a range of movement analysis tools, with an emphasis on quantitative and semi-qualitative kinematic analysis.

    • Reflective Practice for Sport and Health (TRUR3086)

      Students will gain self-awareness through understanding the effect of their actions on others. Students will gain a critical perspective of self, through developing the ability to adapt, analyse and respond, in varying work-related environments. Students will become ‘thinking’, progressive practitioners who will be given the opportunity to link relevant theoretical concepts of reflection into practice.

    • Applied Psychology for Performance and Health (TRUR3109)

      Students will research mental skills techniques and psychological factors which contribute to performance and health. Students will be able to critically evaluate an issue and determine which intervention strategy/s is required to aid performance and promote a healthy lifestyle.   

    • Athlete Development and Sport for All (TRUR3110)

      This module will increase students’ understanding of the concept of how athletes are developed, through specific models of development, as well as intervention strategies for general sports participation, to promote a healthy lifestyle.   

    • Sports and Exercise Physiology (TRUR3111)

      This module will allow integration and synthesis of physiological factors of performance and exercise in order to apply conceptual knowledge to enhance performance and health. 

    • Diet for Performance and Health (TRUR3112)

      The module will use research and critical analysis of diet and how recent theoretical knowledge can enhance performance and health. Students will be able to practically apply techniques that have been recently developed to clients to explore how optimising diet can aid performance and health. 

The modules shown for this course are those currently being studied by our students, or are proposed new modules. Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements.

Fees, costs and funding

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How to apply

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