Photography exhibition at the Lion's Den outdoor bathing area on the seafront near Plymouth Hoe
At the University of Plymouth, we value the importance of showcasing the work of young photographers during their studies. Our goal is to empower the next generation of visual storytellers. These exhibitions provide a platform for our students to express their unique perspectives in photography. 

Significance of exhibitions and degree shows

Our commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the university campus. Exhibitions and Degree Shows are crucial in this journey as they allow students to unveil their creative abilities not only within the academic community but also in the public sphere. 
We believe that art should reach a wider audience, and we achieve this by taking it to the heart of the city.
Photography exhibition at St Saviours CIC

The city as a canvas

Plymouth's rich history and stunning coastal landscapes become an integral part of our storytelling canvas. 
For the past three years, the Lion's Den on Plymouth's seafront has served as a unique stage for our young photographers to exhibit their work. This fusion of urban and natural landscapes creates a dynamic backdrop for showcasing contemporary photography's diversity and vibrancy.
Photography exhibition at the Lion's Den outdoor bathing area on the seafront near Plymouth Hoe

Collaborations and networking

The Hawthorn Award, established in 2021 in collaboration with the Dartmoor Collective, reflects our commitment to nurturing talent and promoting contemporary photography.
This initiative serves a dual purpose:
  1. supports contemporary photography within Dartmoor's captivating landscape.
  2. final-year students have the opportunity to win a bursary offering financial support to assist them in transitioning to the professional world.
Flyers for Hawthorn exhibition at St Saviours Hall, Plymouth

Find a home for your work at the University of Plymouth

We're not just educators; we're cultivators of a dynamic community of creatives. Our photography programmes aren't confined to the classroom; they extend into the heart of Plymouth, inviting the city and its people to join us on this artistic journey. 

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Photo credit: Natalia Salaskiewicz Photo credit: Natalia Salaskiewicz