What could I do next?

Once you graduate, there are far more options than simply being 'a photographer'. Our graduates have gone on to work as commercial freelancers, artists exhibiting and publishing nationally and internationally, picture editors, art directors, designers, lecturers, and company directors.

Through your studies you will discover the broad range of possibilities that exist within the creative industries and realise the significant contribution that you can make to the visual culture of our time.

We've included some profiles of our graduates to inspire you...

Postgraduate study

You might decide that you would like to further your studies. Plymouth has a number of postgraduate programmes, including MA Fine Art. 

David Hedges


David was inspired to become an editorial and press photographer in Year 2 when he took part in a three-month Exchange Project. Since graduating he has worked with the South West News Service (SWNS), working on assignments and producing images that have been published in all the major national UK papers.

David has also won two major awards. He was named as Nikon Videographer of the year 2013 and took the Fixation Young Photographer Bursary award at the 2013 UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards.

Read more about David and his career since graduating.

David Hedges BA (Hons) Photography graduate of the University

Meg O’Donnell

After graduating from Plymouth, Meg completed an internship with MACK. She now works for them as a Sales, Press and Marketing Executive. 

Meg found that doing unpaid internships gave her a great variety of experience - she worked in galleries, magazines, and publishing houses and remained open-minded with her future career path.

Meg O'Donnell

Owen Richards


When Owen graduated from Plymouth, he wasn't sure if he wanted to be a full-time freelance photographer. He moved to London and alongside his day job, photographed for magazines in the evenings and weekends. He gradually became a freelance photographer, assisting photographers and building up his portfolio and contacts over several years. 

Owen Richards

Graduates involved in commercial practice:

Darren Hopes
Darren graduated as a Photographic Illustrator and has since developed an impressive client list. Based in Cornwall, he undertakes national and international commissions.