BA (Hons) Music: Our professional development programme

At Plymouth, we run a Professional Development Programme, working exclusively with University of Plymouth BA (Hons) Music students. 

We provide professional opportunities, advice and contacts within the music industry or in music education. 

Our aims are clear, we wish to encourage our students to view their passion in music as a professional and employable facet. The programme is unique to Plymouth and offers vocational strands throughout your degree. It is possible for committed and motivated students to graduate after three years, having already laid the foundations for their career in music.

Our aims are to:

  • provide music industry and education experience
  • provide professional networking opportunities
  • utilise voluntary and paid professional opportunities, from local, regional and national sources
  • provide industry and education advice
  • assist in PGCE application
  • help create a professional CV / PDP
  • generate opportunities to source professional references, contacts, further employment, further experience

Opportunities include:

Throughout my degree I have been served personal development opportunities that will directly contribute to my overall employability after I graduate. The support I have received from Lee has been worth its weight in gold. I am so much more confident now that my CV is full of relevant work experience and documentation of the important skills I have developed.

I have achieved very high grades but most importantly, I have been given the opportunity to professionally develop myself in the workplace with direct support and sponsorship from my university. That, in my opinion, is the full package.

Jacob Bradshaw

When I went for my interview last week they were so pleased and impressed with all my experience they said they couldn’t turn me down. The job is working with children and adults doing arts therapy, music therapy and whatever else to help support and encourage them into getting involved and gaining independence through recreational activities, aside from school.

Charlotte Winder

The programme delivered great experience in to the world of teaching and has put us ahead of the competition when applying for PGCEs and music education jobs. It is always professionally run and a great deal of trust is put on the student to achieve at their own pace. What I have done whilst studying looks great on my CV.

Benji Rankin.

What have our students gained from their involvement?

  • Large professional CVs
  • Insights into professional working practice which feeds into modular study and their professional outlook
  • Professional references
  • Assistance in further education application
  • Prestigious performances with valuable network opportunities
  • Professional etiquette
  • Professional advice from industry contacts
  • Professional confidence
  • Wages (Some students have earned a thousand pounds plus, because of their involvement with our opportunities)
  • Employment whilst studying, or upon leaving the University of Plymouth.
  • An advantage over many of their peers

Preparing you for your future

Real-world workplace experience ensures our students are career ready upon graduation
We believe that real-world experience is central to success in today's job market. We focus on embedding experiential learning into our courses through our exciting partnerships with external organisations, offering students the opportunity to undertake internships, placements and volunteering. 
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Career opportunities

With a degree in music you can pursue a variety of careers. Many of our music graduates are employed in music-related roles, including: singing teacher, musician, performer, music teacher and music therapist. Others work in the publishing, media and performing arts sectors, as well as within the fields of education, health and information services.

Discover more about the options available to you