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With a degree in music you can pursue a variety of careers. Many of our music graduates are employed in music-related roles, including: singing teacher, musician, performer, music teacher and music therapist. Others work in the publishing, media and performing arts sectors, as well as within the fields of education, health and information services.
You can use the transferrable skills you gain to enter careers that are appropriate for graduates from any discipline, including management and administration.
Some of our graduates go on to further study (see our postgraduate opportunities below) leading to careers in research and higher education.

Skills you will develop during this course include:

Relevant work experience

Work experience demonstrates your commitment to, and awareness of, the realities of your career choice. Career paths in the music industry rarely follow a structured route and are highly competitive so you’ll need to be flexible and dedicated. If you are interested in teaching try and gain some experience in local schools while you’re studying. If you want to pursue a career in performance, why not set up your own band or orchestra, and gain some valuable performing skills and experience alongside your degree?

We have developed a unique professional development programme that will help you find work experience. We aim to equip every motivated and proficient student with an employable CV upon graduation.

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