Tin mine in Cornwall

This module explores the relationship between history and the society we live in today through the fields of 'heritage' and 'public history'. Through the module we will examine questions such as:

  • what does the past mean to us today? 
  • what do we value about or from the past? 
  • how do we decided what is important or significant about the past? 
  • what from the past do we live with today and what should we do with it? 
  • if we value history, how do we tell stories about the past?

Using a range of case studies students will examine some of the most pressing heritage and public history questions of the day. These include how we should tell the history of a maritime city like Plymouth with its links to the Spanish Armada, the Mayflower, Captain Cook, Charles Darwin and R. F. Scott. Students will have the opportunity to undertake a number of field visits to local sites such as Sutton Harbour, the Barbican, Powderham Castle and Saltram House.

Students who are interested in careers in the Heritage industry will have opportunities to undertake heritage related internships during the year and to undertake a praxis based heritage module in Year 2 (HIST511). Students will also be able to work with Cornerstone Heritage

In recent years some of the heritage projects University of Plymouth history students have undertaken include research on the history of Saltram House and Powderham Castle, the archives of Britannia Royal Naval College, and Mayflower Heritage Trails in Plymouth City centre