Christopher Griffiths, BA (Hons) History news

We love hearing all the exciting things our graduates have been up to – here Christopher Griffiths History with Politics graduate of the Class of 2018 tells us about his year on the Japan Education and Teaching programme (JET). After his year in Japan, Chris is joining the Civil Service on the Fast Track scheme.

"I studied History with Politics at the University of Plymouth from 2015 to 2018. Since finishing my degree I have been an Assistant English Teacher in Japan as part of the JET programme. My degree at Plymouth has given me a number of valuable skills that I have been able to utilise after graduating. I am thankful for the support I received whilst studying at the University, there were lots of opportunities to attend office hours for feedback when working on my coursework and dissertation. The content of the course modules was one of the most appealing aspects of my decision to undertake my degree at Plymouth. My main interest in applying to teach abroad in Japan was in part due to an East Asian history module I studied in my second year. In September of 2017 I attended a presentation on teaching in Japan led by one of my professors. I was inspired and in late 2017 applied for a position within the JET teaching programme. I was accepted and in August moved to Shimane prefecture in Japan to work as an Assistant English Teacher at two Junior High Schools. I enjoy my current role and am thankful for my degree which has opened up this opportunity for me. My main tip for applicants would be to get involved within the international events that take place at the University if you are interested in a career abroad."

Japanese castle
Japanese temple
Japanese tori gate