BA (Hons) Graphic Design with Typography: design for good
<p>Instagram magazine</p>

Instagram Sustainability Magazine

In this year 2 project, completed in collaboration with the BSc (Hons) Environmental Science course, students worked in groups to devise design concepts to help communicate sustainability issues. Winnie's solution was to take the carousel feature of Instagram, and turn it into a digital magazine, showcasing to millennials all the ways they can adapt their lifestyle to incorporate sustainable approaches.

Survive, Revive, Thrive

Bella, whose sister was an aid worker in a Syrian refugee camp, identified that refugees were often unable to use the aid packages they were given because items were packaged generically and included English-only descriptions. By developing a system of clear and universally recognisable icons, her proposed solution intended to make these packages more accessible and effective.

<p>Survive, revive, thrive</p>


Here, a number of students spent a day at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, working alongside PhD students from Marine Science, developing creative ways to visualise the findings of their world-leading research, in an event coordinated by design studio MADE.

<p>Conscientious Carnivore</p>

Conscientious Carnivore

James discovered that eating mussels is one of the most sustainable ways of consuming protein; farming them requires minimal resources and produces almost no waste. With this project he developed a typographic visual identity for a mussel brand, as well as considering the materials and manufacturing processes needed for the product packaging.

Design Storm

As part of an ongoing series of collaborations with the Met Office, the UK's national weather service, students spent a day at their headquarters in Exeter, developing social media campaign concepts on the subject of climate change. At the end of the event, students competitively pitched their ideas to Met Office staff and professional graphic designers, including Michael Robinson, former head of graphics for the Guardian and Observer newspapers.

<p>Design Storm</p>
<p>I Am Vegan</p>

I Am Vegan

Today, veganism is more popular than ever, but packaging for vegan products seems often stuck in it's untrendy past. For Eve's final major project, she developed an engaging typographic identity for a vegan product range that not only stands out on the supermarket shelves, but explains without doubt the environmental benefits of a vegan diet.