Industry standard facilities and equipment
  • @ Jill Craigie Cinema
  • @ Moving Image Studios
  • @ Editing suites
  • @ Experienced and skilled Technical Team
  • @ Blended-Digital Learning
  • @ Locations on our doorstep
  • @ Links with local industry and alumni
  • @ Investment in new tech and kit on a yearly basis

Two film studios

We have two film studios installed with industry standard Arri Panel Lighting. 
One studio with a Green screen cove, and one which can link to a live broadcast streaming system and gallery.

<p>Filmmaking studio</p>
<p>Filmmaking studio</p>
<p>Filmmaking studio</p>
<p>filmmaking studio</p>
<p>Filmmaking camera</p>

Cameras and kit 

All students use 4k cameras immediately when they join us. We teach location lighting, steadycams, dolly and tracks and numerous other industry standard camera grip equipment to all students.

<p>Filmmaking camera facilities</p>
<p>Filmmaking camera studio facilities<br></p>
<p>Filmmaking camera studio facilities<br></p>

Edit and post-production

We have two large edit and post-production rooms, plus dedicated post-production rooms with single computers. All students have access.

Mac computer suite