Charanjeet Sing Vaseir

Charanjeet grew up in Bhilai an industrial town in the Chhattisgarh state in India. Bhilai is well known as the “steel city” of India and is an important manufacturing hub housing a giant steel plant which, amongst other things, produces railway line sections used on the world’s largest railway network.

He has recently completed the taught section of the masters course and has started his major project which involves the design of a marine vessel for use in coastal monitoring. He has now started a 40 week internship in the Republic of Ireland.

“Since my childhood I recognised that my interest lay in electronics. With the encouragement of my parents and my uncle I would spend several hours after school, working on electronics and robotics projects and also took part in various electronics clubs, societies and competitions.

After completing a four year degree in electronic and telecommunication engineering at the leading state university and with a great enthusiasm for electronics and robotics I decided that I should to pursue further advanced study overseas. My parents fully supported and encouraged me in this. The key factors that led me to choose Plymouth were:

  • Reputation in robotics and the interdisciplinary nature of the course
  • Close links with Carnegie Mellon University (a world leader in the field)
  • The ability to complete the course in one year of full-time study
  • The availability of an optional paid work placement which I felt would give me even more opportunity to broaden my international exposure
  • The mix of theory backed-up with practical projects in each module suited my natural instincts as an engineer.

I have now completed the taught section of the course and have begun my major project which involves the design of a marine vessel for use in coastal monitoring. The course so far has been very intensive and the workload is challenging. My professors have been approachable and friendly and have always been ready to help me.

I will temporarily put a hold on my project when I take up the internship and will return to Plymouth in May 2015 to complete my major project and submit my final report.

The support services at Plymouth are second to none. Throughout my course so far and during the process to extend my visa and prepare for my placement, I've had the benefit of experienced advisers who have all encouraged me to 'go for it'.

Living and studying in a new country is in my belief a necessary life experience. Professional exposure in the UK has enabled me to develop a broader point of view about everything from academic to personal life. My ambition is to have a lasting impact in the scientific community and industry. The UK certainly provides ample opportunity to harness the technological frontier in my field of interest that is robotics and automation. With the support of my family and the staff at Plymouth I have turned my childhood interest into a career path."