Leadership and innovation in practice module


This module is run by distance learning using our online learning environment. It is designed to be undertaken alongside a period of practice in global or remote healthcare. This may be overseas, locally in Plymouth with partnership organisations, or indeed, even as part of your normal role dependent on your workplace. This can all be discussed with the programme team in advance of the module.

The online content of reading material, podcasts and vodcasts is designed to complement your ‘doing’ in the field to enable to you gain the most from your experiences. We cover some theories of leadership and innovation and you will be asked to apply these to your practice. The module also enables you to formally reflect on your experiences to explore how your unique experience has contributed to your ongoing professional development.

Previous practice settings have included Antarctica, Costa Rica, Uganda, the Armed Forces or within various UK settings. See some examples below.

<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module&nbsp;<br></p>
Jo Byers working as a medic with a team in Central America
<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module<br></p>
<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module<br></p>
<p>Fraser Gould spends a year as the doctor for the RSS Ernest Shackleton</p>
Fraser Gould spends a year as the doctor for the RSS Ernest Shackleton
<p>Anneliese Noakes learning about healthcare provision in Orkney</p>
Anneliese Noakes learning about healthcare provision in Orkney
Masai women
Building primary care in Kenya
<p>Global and Remote healthcare<br></p>
<p>Building primary care in Kenya</p><p>Global and Remote healthcare</p>