Thomas Elston - graduate profile

“After finishing my degree in engineering, geology and geotechnics, I chose to do the MSc in Coastal Engineering at University of Plymouth. I’ve always spent a lot of time by the sea – whether it be surfing, scuba diving, sailing or coastal walks - and coastal engineering looked like an interesting and exciting area to go into. It also offered many opportunities for the future, including marina design, coastal defence, flood prevention and shoreline management.

Now I am working as a Coastal Engineer in the Maritime Business Group of Halcrow and on a company-approved training programme with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), aiming to become chartered.

I get to work on many interesting coastal and river engineering projects involving both office and field based assignments. I am currently working on projects based in Lincolnshire - producing a feasibility report for a marina on the River Trent, including the design of a pontoon and berthing layouts. I am also working on a Lincolnshire beach monitoring programme which involves using sands software to calculate yearly beach volume variation which will then be used to locate areas that need beach recharge and renourishment.”