Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy - careers

Our programme will enhance your career prospects and train you to become a well-informed, evidence-based practitioner. You’ll be aware of the bigger picture, able to challenge the status quo and lead developments in your setting or beyond.

You’ll be ready to step into advanced practitioner roles, teaching and management. A survey of our graduates revealed that their practice was enhanced by increased confidence, the ability to articulate a coherent argument and being better able to fulfil clients’ needs by being guided by research evidence. 

You may be similar to most students on this programme and be in on-going employment in health, social care or business settings. Therefore you’ll have access to careers support and guidance through your individual employers, NHS career websites or Royal Colleges. However, as students you’ll also have access to the additional facilities and resources offered by the University of Plymouth Careers Service, including:

  • careers information
  • advice and guidance, which is impartial and confidential
  • help with applying for jobs, including application and interview preparation
  • job vacancies
  • psychometric testing.

Further information can be obtained from the University of Plymouth's Careers and employability page.

If you are considering taking your studies further, you can consult the Doctoral College regarding MPhil or PhD studies, or discuss your plans with your Pathway Lead or the Programme Manager, or an academic in your field of study.