Human Movement and Function laboratory
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Clinical skills

Investigate optimal ways of providing education related to clinical skills. Recent studies have investigated the use of simulation to improve performance of a range of clinical skills and the contribution of situation awareness to skill performance.
Examine the factors which influence how change in a patient's condition is assessed and managed.
A new piece of technology called the Body Sensor Network which can be used to help diagnose Parkinson's disease being tested.


Rehabilitation is an integral part of health and social care delivery. It covers the recovery, maintenance of function and prevention of avoidable complications in people who have resolving conditions, and those whose condition is static or deteriorating.
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Dietetics and health

Understand the fundamental biological processes which can lead to ill health, the necessary interventions which can be made through effective health education and promotion to minimise risk, and address processes by which changes can be achieved.
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Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research

From basic research discovering the causes of disease, through to evaluating novel ways of delivering care to the most vulnerable people in society, our thriving community conducts adventurous world-leading research.
Transformation in life course, ageing, methodologies, e-health, technology and interventions in health, social care, lifestyle and wellbeing.
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