We are proud that this programme consistently sees over 50 per cent of graduates progressing to PhD, and equally proud of the strong track record of high quality publications (journals including Nature, Proceedings of the Royal Society and Biology Letters) resulting from MRes projects.


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Research opportunities

The programme team’s philosophy is to involve you in research groups working at the cutting edge of science, creating experiences and outputs directly relevant to progress to PhD and beyond.

Marine systems and organisms have valuable roles in research and commerce such as renewable energy sources, fisheries, biomedicine, developmental biology, ecotoxicology, animal behaviour, and conservation.


Researching the behaviour of marine invertebrates

When I was deciding where to apply for postgraduate study, I spent almost a year looking at every marine biology programme in the UK and worldwide. I decided to come to Plymouth because of the people who work here, especially my two supervisors, and the resources available to marine researchers in the area.

Ari Drummond, from the USA, chose to study MRes Marine Biology at Plymouth

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Ari Drummond