MA Contemporary Art Practice 2017

Your portfolio should demonstrate a substantial body of work, commitment to practice and independence of thought.

You can include digital examples, hardcopies, objects and artefacts (if portable) and/or links to websites, blogs, vimeo, external projects, etc.

Looking at your portfolio, we hope to discover:

  • artistic and intellectual potential
  • demonstrable commitment to your practice
  • independent thinking
  • relevant practical skills
  • research skills
  • an ability to develop ideas at the appropriate level.

Interview tips

Prepare yourself. Find out as much about the course, University and city as you possibly can. The more you know before your interview, the more confident you'll come across. Think through some of the questions you're likely to be asked and work out possible responses. Ask your tutors and peers to run through a pretend interview with you and give you honest feedback.

Getting here

Arrive early and make sure that you know where you’re going in advance of the interview.