Student at the city museum

Plymouth is a fantastic place to carry out postgraduate study in the arts, literature and culture. Collaborations with local partners such as the National Trust at Saltram and the Plymouth City Museum and Gallery have seen our students involved in exciting, high profile projects, such as the curation of a significant year-long exhibition, Women & Art.

You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the vibrant academic and cultural events the University hosts, with The Arts Institute showcasing a wide variety of lectures, performances, film screenings, and other events. Recent highlights include:

  • a performance exploring the contemporary relevance of the 18th century black British writer Olaudah Equian
  • a lecture on the historical popularity of Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott, as part of the Great Writers and their Influence series
  • poetry readings by internationally acclaimed writer and translator Michael Hulse.

As a student you’ll be able to attend The Arts Institute events for free, so come, learn, and enjoy!