Knowledge exchange, connectivity, network, city

To use Knowledge Exchange as a key mechanism for driving the Faculty’s engagement with the outside world; harnessing the creative and intellectual talent that resides within our students and staff in a way which is of maximum benefit to anyone engaging with us. Our approach to knowledge exchange is distinctive and sustainable. It has potential both to increase the financial, social, creative and intellectual capital of society and to drive a fundamental shift in the models through which we deliver education and research.

Our strategic aims for Knowledge Exchange are to:

1. Achieve an outstanding reputation for the excellent and inspiring work that we do.
2. Actively engage in making a significant impact on the world around us.
3. Embed and integrate knowledge exchange as central to our teaching and research.
4. Ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of our knowledge exchange activities.
5. Create an environment and culture which enables knowledge exchange to thrive.

Our Knowledge Exchange strategy seeks to:

  • Focus on growth and sustained high performance; building on the critical mass of activity currently underway, concentrating resources and capacity to deliver high quality projects whilst ensuring they also contribute to the delivery of outstanding teaching and research.
  • Expand the reach of the Faculty and the quality of interactions, providing an intelligent interface, The Bridge, through which to maximise the value and outcomes of those interactions.
  • Be people focused and inclusive; encourage and support academics, technicians, professional services staff and students to feel part of this effort and to believe in the relevance of their work to the external world.

  • Deliver a significant and visible impact on the Faculty, our financial performance and the way we operate.
  • Shift perceptions of the campus as a place where non-academics, university staff and students regularly come together to exchange knowledge and ideas.
  • Leverage our distinctive approach to knowledge exchange as a defining feature of the Faculty and something that people recognise, admire, respect and are proud of.