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As a former GSM London student, there are core services that you can request from the University of Plymouth as the validating institution.

  • Requesting transcripts or certificates
  • Changes to your home address
  • Guidance to Coventry University London students to make an appeal to a final award

Requesting transcripts or certificates

Transcripts, Certificates or Award Verifications (References) for awards made before 31/12/2019
For transcripts, certificates or award verification letters for study completed at GSM London before 31/12/2019, you will need to order documents via the GSM eStore.
Transcripts, Certificates or Award Verifications (References) for awards made from 01/01/2020
If you studied and completed your GSM London programme via Coventry University London, please contact who can check whether your certificate or transcript has been previously issued and sent to you.
Please provide the following information to help us process your request as efficiently as possible:
  • Student surname
  • Student forenames
  • GSM student ID
  • Date of birth
  • Programme of study
  • Document requested
  • Full postal address
If the address is abroad, please choose an address that is not a PO Box, as we find that most documentation sent to these are immediately returned. Please also include the following details of the recipient for international addresses:
  • Contact number
  • Email address
Don't have the necessary information to make a transcript or certificate request?
If you are having difficulties in providing the necessary information to make a request for a replacement transcript or certificate please contact us by email at

Changes to your home address

If you need to update the University of your home address, following the closure of the GSM London Student Support Office, please send an email to

Guidance to Coventry University London GSM students to make an appeal to a final award

If you are a former GSM student who studied at Coventry University London for your remaining Level 6 credits and have recently received your final Award outcome and wish to appeal against the outcome of the award decision please follow the dedicated University of Plymouth appeals process for GSM London students.
Please also refer to the letter that accompanied your transcript.
The GSM London appeals proforma will need to be submitted by email to the University at
GSM London policies
Storage of student data
Your student record will be securely stored by the University. It will only be accessible by University staff dealing with GSM London queries. Our storage of data is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Applying for jobs, writing CVs and requesting a reference

Requesting a reference
The University of Plymouth is unable to provide personal references. You can order an Award Verification letter (see Requesting Transcripts or Certificates) which confirms your name, dates of study, programme title and award obtained.
Reference requests from third parties
You can ask the University of Plymouth to provide a reference for a future employer or as part of an application to another institution or course provider. 
Third parties will need to place an order via the GSM eStore.
As the awarding body, the University will be able to provide confirmation with receipt of the following information via an order from the GSM eStore:
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Programme enrolled
  • Qualification achieved
Subject to the following information being provided:
  • Student surname
  • Student forenames
  • GSM student ID
  • Programme of study
  • Student authorisation via email or signed consent form

Specialised academic regulatory frameworks