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Accelerated Knowledge Transfer
Designed for UK businesses and charities, this is your fast-track to success. In just 2–4 months, collaborate closely with expert academics, access crucial funding, and ignite game-changing concepts for your project.
“The programme has been designed to create short-term collaborations between a Business Partner and a UK Knowledge Base* to rapidly inject innovation capacity. Inspired by the highly successful partnership model of KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership), Innovate UK – Accelerated Knowledge Transfer’s concept is to deliver a rapid and targeted intervention to accelerate the evaluation or development of an innovation project or concept, which has the potential for significant impact for the Business Partner.”
*The University of Plymouth will be the Knowledge Base. 
Why choose an accelerated route?
  • Problem solving: identify and resolve innovation blockers efficiently.
  • New thinking: stimulate fresh ideas, processes, and business models.
  • Swift impact: accelerate evaluation or development, ensuring swift progress.
  • Expert collaboration: join forces with leading academics to propel your project forward.
  • Funding access: gain financial support with grants of up to £35,000 for your innovation.

Applications are now closed

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Public sector organisations are not eligible as Business Partners in an Innovate UK AKT project.
To be eligible for an AKT, businesses partners:
  • must employ a minimum of 4 FTEs
  • should be a UK registered business
  • the Business Partner must contribute 10% (minimum) of the total project costs in cash.
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