Media directory of expertise

A directory of expertise for the media has been created to search a collection of expertise attached to staff profiles

June 2020

A new media directory of our experts

Work to compile a directory of expertise has been ongoing for some time, with the Media and Communications Team holding a list of media-trained staff available to talk to the media on certain topics. 
This work has, until now, been presented as a 'manual' collection of web pages, without the ability to search or reuse content across different parts of the website where it could be useful to users. 
The purpose of the directory remains to encourage members of the media to contact the Media and Communications team so that requests for interviews can be logged and coordinated.

What's new?

  • Searching for academic expertise has been made more accessible.
  • A directory of expertise for the media has been created within the website Content Management System (CMS), enabling the Media and Communications team to update a searchable collection of expertise attached to staff profiles.
  • Staff profiles can now show the areas of expertise a member of staff can be contacted about, surfacing the content from the single source of the directory: e.g.
  • A search function has been created allowing the media to search for names or areas of expertise, and providing results from the same directory.
  • Our media experts directory page at now has an A–Z listing of staff underneath the search box.
  • Contact for updates to, or inclusion in the directory.

Website Refresh Project 2020

The University's external website is undergoing a refresh to update certain design elements, functionality and content, as part of a project ending on 31 July 2020. 

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