Digital totem outside Smeaton | image credit: Jon Bayley

Digital totem outside Smeaton | image credit: Jon Bayley

Posted by Ryan Hooper | 6 February 2023

What is digital screen content?

Digital screen content is a form of signage that uses an electronic display to communicate key messages to students, visitors and staff. 
Digital signs stand out and are relatable to everyone. They are interactive in nature and are used every day in various ways – from bus stops to doctor surgery waiting rooms.
96% of students notice digital signs and recall their content*.
The University has several digital totems placed around campus, both in and outside buildings, which gives staff and students the option to effectively communicate a range of messages.

Websites are a form of pull information – people go to the website when they want to know something. Information screens are a form of push messaging – people are walking past and the content can hopefully impart a useful message for them.

A digital screen in Portland Square.
A blurred figure walking past a digital screen in Portland Square.
A digital screen in RLB.

What are the benefits of digital screens on campus?

  • Visually appealing and eye catching – the graphics (and option for videos) are professionally designed which help to impart important messaging.
  • Improves communication – reach the right audience by communicating with students and staff as they move around campus. How would you reach them in this way otherwise?
  • Gives direction and safety information – useful to provide visitor information for campus-wide events such as on Open Days.
  • Interactive tools – use of QR codes to take viewers to specific webpages such as health and disability services.
  • Bespoke playlists – a series of content can be scheduled for specific calendar events such as welcome week and induction.
  • Increases event and services visibility – boosts awareness of University messaging for specific events such as conferences and the careers service.
  • Directional marketing – advertise specific promotions in campus cafes.
  • Centrally managed – a consistent look and feel and a easy request process for staff and students.
  • Cost-effective – low cost to run and is easily deployable. Reduces the requirement for printed materials.
  • Real-time updates – system is quick to manage and update.

Digital signage gets fives time more attention from students than traditional methods of explanation and demonstration. 65% of students are visual learners who remember information by seeing it. 96% of students notice digital signage at once.

Pickcel Digital Signage*

How do I make a digital screen request?

For academic and professional staff it couldn't be easier to make a digital screen content request.
  • Visit our screen content request page and login with your University username and password.
  • Complete the new screen content request form with your key information (title, audience, dates, links, image, calls to action etc).
A screenshot of the CMS showing part of the new screen content request form.
  • The content request form has a built-in preview window which updates as you input information.
  • Once you're happy, select the 'Create request' button and a member of the team will be in touch.
  • Alternatively, you can get in touch via email:
A screenshot of the CMS showing part of the new screen content request form with the visual preview window.

Interested to find out more? Have an idea to share?

If you have any questions to ask or suggestions to share, please do get in touch with us at
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