LABplus contains the following equipment. Unfortunately this equipment is not currently available to students, however please check the webpage regularly for updates. Most of our equipment must remain within LABplus but some field equipment is available for loan.


Stereo, biological, polarising and metalurgical microscopes can be found in cupboards H2-H8. If you need help or assistance with using a microscope, please ask the LABplus technical staff. Guidance documents can also be found in cupboard G12, shelf 2.

Microscope cameras

Mounted microscope cameras and a portable tablet camera are available for use in LABplus. We also have smartphone adapters to enable photography using your own device. All microscope photography equipment is housed in the technicians office.


Pipettes are located next to the sinks in LABplus. We have pipettes of the following volumetric ranges 10µl -100µl & 100µl -1000µl . Guidance on pipetting techniques and practise solutions can be found in the ‘introduction to pipetting’ resource, cupboard G12 shelf 4.

Fine balance

An analytical balance is located on the bench top in LABplus. For help or assistance with using the balance please ask the LABplus technical staff.


Laptops are available for use in LABplus. The laptops are stored in the technicians office and available to sign out using your student card and our self issue machine. The LABplus laptops have a variety of specialist software relating your course. For more information please contact us

Handheld GPS

We have a small number of Garmin handheld GPS units available in LABplus for students to borrow. If you would like to loan a GPS unit please contact us

Tablets for field note taking

LABplus holds 5 Ipads and 5 Samsung Galaxy tablets to assist students with fieldwork note taking. If you would like to loan a tablet, please contact us well in advance of your field course and we will send you the booking form