Photography Studio

SCB202 Film Processing & Specialist Darkroom
SCB203 Traditional Darkroom

Colour darkroom in Scott building third floor. 1280x720

The photography department has a thriving analogue photography facility which both students and staff of the Faculty are encouraged to explore after attending an induction to the area.

The Film Processing Room (SCB202) is located on the 2nd floor and is a dedicated space for the processing of black and white and colour films from 35mm to large format. Specialist processes, such as dish film processing of panchromatic or orthochromatic films or the production of cyanotypes, can also be supported following consultation with the technicians (to evaluate any potential health risks).

SCB203 houses the traditional darkroom to produce black and white prints from negatives of any size, from 35mm to large format (5”×4”). As with film processing, the accessories required to use this room are available from the Media Hub during normal working hours. There is also the facility to dry prints – either passively using drying racks (any resin or fibre papers) or using an Ilford 1250 print dryer for resin-coated paper.

Chemistry for the darkrooms is provided and replenished by technicians. Black and white film (35mm and medium format) and white resin-coated paper can be purchased from the Media Hub.

SCB215 Digital Darkroom

SCB205 Specialist Digital Darkroom

The Specialist Digital Darkroom (SCB205) provides access to Apple Mac Pros running Adobe Creative Cloud software including Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and InDesign on colour-accurate Eizo high resolution displays. For digital input, we have installed a number of Epson V700 flatbed scanners, and one Hasselblad Flextight film scanner. There is also a Light Table to organise your negatives and a Colour Viewing Booth to assess your prints.

The Epson V700 flatbed scanners are capable of scanning film negatives and positives from 35mm up to 8×10 inches in sizes up to 4800 dpi. Film holders for the various formats can be borrowed from the Media Hub once an induction into the safe use of the scanner and its software has been attended.

The Hasselblad Flextight X1 film scanner is capable of scanning film negatives and positives at these resolutions up to 6300dpi.

The Digital Darkroom (SCB215) provides access to Apple iMacs running Adobe Creative Cloud software including Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and InDesign.

Flextight X1 Digital Scanner

For digital input, we have installed a number of Epson V700 flatbed scanners. There is also a roller cutter for trimming your prints.

SCB205 is open from 8am–6pm Monday–Friday. SCB215 is accessible whenever the Scott building is open.

SCB207 Black Photo Studio

SCB208 White Photo Studio

SCB212a Daylight Studio

Broncolor softbox and flash head

Both SCB207 and 208 are bookable studio spaces with white, grey and black paper backdrops installed. Backdrops of other colours may be borrowed from the media hub.

Lighting (for stills photography) is provided in the form of Broncolor siros flash heads and light shapers, including silver reflectors and honeycombs, softboxes ranging from 30×120cm to 120×180cm in size and rectangular to octagonal in shape. The camera’s shutter is synced via a broncolor flash trigger unit, which can be borrowed from the media hub upon successful completion of the relevant induction.

In each of the studios there is also an Apple Mac Mini for tethered shooting, and a wall-mounted rotatable TV monitor to allow you to share your live view video feed and image playback with your models and/or collaborators. Connecting cables are available from the Media Hub.

The department also has a daylight studio space available (SCB212a) with electric blinds to diffuse the large windows for natural lighting techniques.

The photo studios are bookable via smarthub during the opening hours of the Media Hub. Please remember to finish evening sessions with sufficient time left for the equipment to be returned and booked back in by the time the Media Hub closes for the day.

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