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Overview of the project

The Legacies and Futures digital curation seeks to frame and interrogate colonial heritage. This project re-frames the more familiar Mayflower narrative within more flexible, inclusive and varied parameters. 

In 2020, we remember the departure of the Mayflower from Plymouth harbour four hundred years ago. Plymouth was a final stop on a journey to North America, a final stop on a voyage to colonise and conquer the people and landscapes of North America.

This curation, which includes commentary and insights from Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors, collects and presents new observations about the way that we narrate, visualise and remember the past.

Over the course of the curation, contributors focus on specific objects and images, variously reflecting on the significance of memory, authenticity, revision, reception and renewal.

Each original contribution, from scholars, artists, curators and leaders, seeks to offer a new and unique insight, based on individual experience and expertise. New instalments will appear every 4–5 weeks, from September 2020 through the anniversary year.

Watch an introduction video by Dr Kathryn Gray, Associate Professor in English, University of Plymouth


Mayflower 400

2020 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's pioneering voyage to America in 1620. The University is working in partnership to commemorate this historic voyage.

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Mayflower ship