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Q. How do I create an online application user account?

A. Select Apply online, on the job you wish to apply for, then select New user registration and enter the required information.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password, how can I log in?

A. Select Forgotten Password on the left-hand menu and enter the required information. You’ll be sent an email containing a link to reset your password, this link is only valid for six hours from the time it’s sent to you.

If you’re an employee of the University, you must change your password via the staff intranet.

Q. I’ve entered my password several times and I still can’t login, what can I do?

A. Your account will deactivate if you enter the password incorrectly more than three times. To reactivate select Contact Recruitment Team in the left hand menu, or telephone +44 1752 588255.

Q. I want to apply for a couple of jobs, can I just submit one application?

A. No. You’ll need to complete and submit one application for each job you wish to apply for. Most of the information you enter will be kept within your user account and will appear when you next login.

Q. I’ve submitted my application but I’ve made some mistakes and/or missed some information, how can I amend it?

A. Once you‘ve submitted your application online, you cannot make any changes to it. Nor can you submit another application for the same job vacancy. You’ll need to contact Recruitment Services who can delete your application so you can start it again. Choose Contact Recruitment Team in the left hand menu, or telephone +44 1752 588255.

Q. I’ve completed each page of the application, but it won’t let me submit it.

A. Check that you’ve completed all mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk). On the Application Summary page there should be a green tick next to each page of the application form. If you don’t have a green tick, click on the page and enter information into the mandatory field you’ve left blank.

Q. Can I attach my CV even though I’m not applying for an academic position?

A. No. CVs are only required for academic and research positions.

Q. Can I complete a paper copy of the application form, instead of using the online system?

A. Applications should be submitted via our online system. Paper copies can only be accepted if you don’t have any access to the internet. Select Contact Recruitment Team in the left-hand menu, or telephone +44 1752 588255 for a paper form.

Q. What’s the deadline for applications?

A. All positions close at midnight on their specified closing date.

Q. The closing date has passed, can I submit a late application?

A. No. Once the midnight deadline has passed the position details are removed from the system and applications can no longer be submitted. All part-saved applications will also be automatically deleted from the system at this time.

Q. I’m a University of Plymouth student, can I log in with my student University username and password?

A. Students should create a new user account by selecting new user registration. You can use your student email address if you wish. If you’re a student with an existing contract of employment with the University, you need to log in with your employment university username and password.

Q. I’m a University of Plymouth employee and I can’t log in, what can I do?

A. Select Contact Recruitment Team in the left-hand menu, or telephone +44 1752 588255.

Q. I’m a University of Plymouth employee and some of my personal information you hold is incorrect. How can I update it?

A. You’ll need to log in to Employee Self-Service and update your details. For the update(s) to show on your application, you’ll need to delete the application you started and start again after you’ve made the changes.

Q. I’m a University employee and have completed all mandatory fields, but it says there are mandatory fields incomplete on the personal details page?

A. Check the postcode field on the work address. This is a mandatory field so you need to enter PL4 8AA if it hasn’t been completed.

Q. I’ve completed all fields in the application but when I click on the submit button I get an error message, and it won’t send.

A. Go back into the Personal Details page of the form, and check that there is nothing other than a year in numerical figures, entered in the Year due to graduate field. If anything other than the format of yyyy is entered it won’t accept it. You should leave this field blank if it’s not relevant to you.

Q. What pension options are there for employees at the University of Plymouth?

There are various pension options for employees to join. All information is available on our pensions webpage.