Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth campus

Research funding

Here are some of the key research awards, in excess of £100,000, received by the University last year.
Principal Lead Sponsor Description Award Value
Deborah Greaves Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Impact Hub £3,430,927
Sheena Asthana NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research Plymouth Health Determinants Research Collaboration £1,858,090
Elsa Fouragnan Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Multi-site and state-dependent effects of transcranial ultrasound stimulation on brain function and cognition £949,947
Sarah Boulton Natural Environment Research Council EXCESS: exploring the role of excess topography and peak ground acceleration on earthquake preconditioning of landslides £703,782
Sheena Asthana Economic and Social Research Council Understanding the research and policy needs of English coastal communities: towards a new coastal classification £700,833
Jeremy Hobart Roche Pharma Use of Plymouth MS platform for head-to-head PRO comparison £610,015
Oliver Tills Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council EmbryoPhenomics: UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships follow-on funding £595,551
Victoria Allgar Gilead Foundations Charity Erase long COVID, evaluating the efficacy of remdesivir for the improvement of lung function, perfusion and system on profile in long-COVID patients £457,010
Mark Briffa Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Interactions between learning and non-learning plasticity in the beadlet sea anenome Actinia equina: a multidimensional reaction norm approach £432,243
Richard Pemberton Innovate UK The Electric Seaway, delivering critical marine charging infrastructure £412,764
Richard Pemberton Various UK government sponsors Regulator Pioneer Fund: Plymouth Marine Autonomy/Clean Propulsion £364,265
Emma Sheehan Offshore Shellfish Ltd Offshore Mussel Farm, Phase 4 £329,773
Deborah Greaves Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Integrated wind-wave control of semi submersible floating offshore wind turbine platforms £307,174
Oliver Hanemann Children's Tumour Foundation Children's Tumour Foundation £284,753
Amy Baker NHS Down's syndrome screening Quality Assurance Support Service 2023–24 £281,500
James Daybell Swedish Research Council Moved apart: a history of separation in the 16th and 17th centuries £275,337
Victoria Allgar NHS Down's syndrome screening Quality Assurance Support Service 2022–23 £274,000
Daniela Oehring Innovate UK UK–South Korea Digital Health CRD: patient centred, biomechanics-based customisation for improved treatment of corneal conditions £256,492
James Edwards Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Fresh perspectives for QED in intense backgrounds: first quantised techniques in strong-field QED £239,421
John Summerscales Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership with SWMAS Ltd £231,495
Deborah Greaves Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council High End Computing Consortium for Wave Structure Interaction £231,452
Victoria Allgar Janssen UK Extension of a study looking at ibrutinib for older people with mantle cell lymphoma £198,233
Deborah Greaves Innovate UK Development of an innovative, floating, dual- energy platform 60kW for small island developing states £176,336
Stephen Mullin Medical Research Council Using explainable artificial intelligence to predict future stroke using routine historical investigations £171,092
Victoria Allgar NHS National Institute for Health Research Reducing steatosis prior to liver resection £169,364
Richard Thompson UK Offshore Energies Association Limited Decommissioning and subsea plastics, Phase 2 £165,410
Gyorgy Fejer National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research Establishment of novel macrophage cell lines to study the pathogenesis of respiratory bacterial pathogens in lung alveolar macrophages £163,379
Richard Pemberton Innovate UK Zero Emission Network of Workboats £162,086
David Jenkins Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council A novel sensor platform as a tool to enable early detection of pancreatic cancer £160,685
Charles Affourtit Innovate UK Development of a novel circular economy plant protein derivative as a readily digestible dietary ingredient to support healthy ageing £157,052
Katherine Willis Various UK government sponsors iCornwall £152,054
Rohit Shankar NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research Optimising cultural experiences for mental health in underrepresented young people online £143,615
William Blake Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Good Growth Fund Resilient Catchment Communities £142,100
Richard Thompson Natural Environment Research Council The Future Fibres Network+ £140,767
Eduardo Miranda Quantinuum Developing methods and systems for quantum computing applications in music and art £130,000
Ben King Leverhulme Trust Cascade interference in strong-field quantum electrodynamics £127,970
Deborah Greaves Natural Environment Research Council Enabling Sustainable Wind Energy Expansion in Seasonally Stratified Seas £117,302
Sally Abey Great Foundations Developing a person-centred decision aid to inform footwear choices in people at risk of diabetes-related foot ulceration £116,298
Richard Byng Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Provision of an Evaluation of Community Mental Health Framework project £113,357