A group of students walking across Plymouth campus near Drakes Place and the Reservoir Cafe
The University of Plymouth is proud to offer students a life-changing, transformative experience while they learn and research. We also know that embarking on such an exciting experience can be daunting and that students from particular groups may face additional difficulty in accessing higher education.
To support the University’s ambitions around widening participation, we are pleased to offer financial support in the form of an access bursary (The Mayflower Award) to undergraduate students from the following groups:
  • Students whose household income is between £0 and £35,000 per year
  • Care leavers
  • Students who are estranged from their families
  • Young adult carers
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.
Students from a household where the annual income is less than £35,000 per year will have their eligibility checked for the award automatically once a full funding application has been assessed and finalised with Student Finance England. The award is paid in two instalments in the student’s first year of study. All eligible recipients will be automatically identified from the systems of the University and Student Finance England, no separate application is needed. This award is available to students who are entering their first year of study on their first course in September 2023, who are identified as being domiciled in England and whose household income is between £0 and £35,000. Please note that this award is payable only in the first year of study and will not be repeated in subsequent years.
Students from one of the other above groups must contact the Student Financial Support Team as soon as they have enrolled at the University of Plymouth so that we can assess eligibility and organise for any bursary to be paid. The award is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and if you are eligible, you will receive the bursary for the duration of your undergraduate studies, subject to T & C’s.
For all Mayflower Award recipients, you must be paying the full tuition fee for the year and have received the full funding package from Student Finance England (if applying for an award under household income) or received the full funding package from your funding body if you are a Care Leaver, Estranged Student Young Adult Carer or Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.
Please note that payment is dependent on satisfactory attendance and withdrawal or interruption will result in the award being cancelled.
If you have been engaged in any previous higher education study on any course, you will not be entitled to this award. This includes not completing all or part of a course or not gaining a qualification on it.
It is students’ responsibility to declare whether they have had any previous higher education study, particularly if undertaken at a different institution or in previous years at the University of Plymouth, as we may not be able to identify this from our record systems. If you have been earmarked or contacted for the Mayflower Award but fall into the previous study category, you should contact studentservices@plymouth.ac.uk as soon as possible, as your eligibility may change or be cancelled and you could be asked to repay part or all of the award.
Please note that if you are re-assessed at any point during the year by Student Finance or by the University, your award could be amended or cancelled.
Partner College students, including UPIC students, whose fees are paid directly to the college at which they are studying, are NOT eligible for this award.
See the Mayflower Terms and Conditions for further details.