Degree Apprenticeships: information for prospective students

What are degree apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience with a full degree-level qualification. This style of university-level study means you gain a full honours degree, earn a wage, and gain valuable work-experience at the same time. This is an ideal route if you are a school leaver looking for an alternative to a full-time university course, or if you're an existing employee seeking to benefit from this higher-level training, but not able to enrol in traditional study.

One big difference between a degree apprenticeship and a traditional degree course, is that students do not pay any course fees. Course fees are paid by your employer with a large contribution from the government.

For the first time students have the opportunity to obtain a full honours degree alongside gaining valuable, industry-specific work experience while earning a salary.

Take a look below at the higher and degree apprenticeship programmes available with the University of Plymouth.

Quick facts

  • A Suitable for: School leavers or your existing workforce (no age limit).
  • 4 Study: Flexible study around work commitments, spending about one day per week at college/university or training online.
  • & Duration: From 2 to 4 years, depending on the apprenticeship programme.
  • > Qualifications: University of Plymouth honours degree, plus the potential for a professional qualification and apprenticeship.
  • * Costs: Paid for by the employer, as well as substantive government funding along with financial incentives where criteria is met.
  • 6 Suitable for any organisation: A new route to attract emerging talent or expand the knowledge within your current workforce.
  • @ Approach: Minimises the demand upon employers time but maximises the benefits of work-based learning modules and real-life issues.