Kerry Baldwin
Kerry is the Managing Partner of IQ Capital, a deep tech early-stage venture capital firm based in Cambridge and London. She co-founded IQ Capital in 2006 and is one of the UK’s most experienced VC investors with 25 years venture capital experience. She joined Venture Technologies in 1998, investing in the first wave of UK deep-tech companies and has focussed on deep tech early-stage technology over her six funds which invest from seed to £30m in IP rich deep tech companies. Kerry specialises in Strategic Marketing, Competitive Intelligence and heads up IQ’s cyber, defence and security, supervisory and reg tech, big data and neuro-tech portfolio.
She was the Chair of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association 2021/22 and is an Honorary Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge, she is a Non-exec Investment Committee Member for The British Patient Capital direct, life science, Future Fund Breakthrough and co-investment funds and a Board Advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship. She chaired BVCA’s Nomination Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and Remuneration Committee and sits on several deep tech company Boards.
She is known as a contributor to best practice in venture capital and undertook an in-depth global study on Investment Committee best practice and decision making across Private Equity and Venture Capital. She is an international keynote speaker for Venture Capital and advises governments on establishing R&D and venture capital ecosystems. Kerry graduated from University of Plymouth in 1996.