Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth
The Board of Governors operates with the assistance of a number of committees, whose role and function is summarised below. 
The terms of reference and composition of those committees, and the delegated authorities within which they operate are contained in the University of Plymouth Bye Laws.  These are currently under review.
Audit Committee
Advises and gives assurance to the Board in relation to the adequacy and effectiveness of the University’s arrangements for risk management and control; ensures the probity of financial statements; and reviews the systems in place to ensure efficiency and effectiveness (value for money). 
Finance Committee
Advises the Board on the effective and efficient use of finances, financial performance and sustainability.
Nominations Committee
Advises the Board on nominations for membership of the Board and its committees, the appointment procedures for the Vice-Chancellor, and regular governance effectiveness reviews. 
Reward and Remuneration Committee
Sets levels of pay and reward for senior staff.
Health and Safety Assurance Committee
Ensures the Board of Governors that the University is complying with the statutory and other relevant health and safety requirements and with its own procedures as set out in the University Health and Safety Policy.
In addition, the Honorary Awards Committee, which considers for approval those nominated for an Honorary Award or Honorary Fellow of the University, comprises members drawn from or nominated by the Board of Governors and the Senate.