Mrs Zoe-Louise Smethurst

Mrs Zoe-Louise Smethurst

Lecturer in Adult Nursing

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)

I am a lecturer of Adult Nursing at the University of Plymouth. I have been a qualified nurse for a number of years specialising in cardiac care. Alongside my role as a lecturer  I remain a British Heart Foundation health care practitioner.  

After working in a variety of settings, throughout my career I embarked on my journey into education. Nursing is ever changing and patient care is paramount; I believe that with good education, leadership and clear guidance,nursing practice improves. My goal is to be part of developing and maintaining high standards of care through advancing knowledge and transform lives with education and research.

My research interests are very patient care orientated, but the overarching theme for me is the development of best practice.

I am often asked, if you want to be a nurses why are you here? The answer is simple; I can have a far greater impact and effect patient care in positive way through developing and enhancing the education of the nurses of tomorrow.



Teaching interests

Pre-Hospital Care

Clinical Skills

Research interests


I am interested in many different research topics manlyaround how practice can be improved. I am especially interested in how technologycan play a part in health disease prevention.