Professor Victoria Allgar

Professor Victoria Allgar

Professor of Medical Statistics and Director of PenCTU

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



I am a medical statistician and my work focuses on bringing together the knowledge of a range of experts from different specialisations to help identify and answer key research questions through the design and conduct new studies. I have significant experience of leading contributions to the planning and design, conduct, statistical analysis and reporting of clinical trials, and other well designed studies.


• BSc(hons) in Statistics 2(i), University of Newcastle upon Tyne
• PhD, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

• Royal Statistical Society – Fellow / Chartered Statistician (1999-date)
• Science Council (2012) – Chartered Scientist (2012-2020)
• Senior Fellowship of HEA (SFHEA) (2020)

• Professor of Medical Statistics and Director of PenCTU, University of Plymouth (2021-date)
• Professor of Medical Statistics/Reader in Medical Statistics/Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics, Hull York Medical School/Department of Health Sciences, University of York (2006-2020)
• Director of Yorkshire Primary Care Research Network (YReN) , Centre for Research in Primary Care, University of Leeds (2005 – 2006)
• Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Primary Care, University of Leeds (2001-2006).
• Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Primary Care, University of Leeds (2000-2001).
• Medical Statistician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds (1997-2000).
• Research Associate, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Newcastle (1995-1997).
• Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Education and Social Work, Northumbria University (1995-1996).

Professional membership

Chartered Statistician (Royal Statistical Society)

HEA Senior Fellow (SFHEA).

Roles on external bodies

Current roles:

Associate Editor for Trials (April 2019-date)

Statistical Editor of Health & Social Care in the Community (2016-date)

Grant Review Panel for the Multiple Sclerosis Society (2015-date)

Health Services Research Initiative Panel for Arthritis UK (2016-2021) 

Cochrane Member (2019-date)

Numerous Trial Steering Committees (TSCs) and Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Allgar V, Wright B, Taylor A, Couter AL & Phillips H (2021) 'Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders in Deaf Children Using Two Standardised Assessment Instruments: The ADIR-Deaf Adaptation and the ADOS-2 Deaf Adaptation' Journal of Clinical Medicine 10, (19) 4374-4374 , DOI
Menakaya CU, Shah M, Ingoe H, Malhotra R, Mannan A, Boddice T, Allgar V, Gopal S, Mohsen A & Muthukumar N (2021) 'Modern cemented Furlong hemiarthroplasty: Are dislocations rates better?' Journal of Perioperative Practice 175045892110206-175045892110206 , DOI
Wright B, Phillips H, Allgar V, Sweetman J, Hodkinson R, Hayward E, Ralph-Lewis A, Teige C, Bland M & Le Couteur A (2021) 'Adapting and validating the Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised for use with deaf children and young people' Autism 136236132110291-136236132110291 , DOI
Parkash V, Ashwin H, Sadlova J, Vojtkova B, Jones G, Martin N, Greensted E, Allgar V, Kamhawi S & Valenzuela JG (2021) 'A clinical study to optimise a sand fly biting protocol for use in a controlled human infection model of cutaneous leishmaniasis (the FLYBITE study)' Wellcome Open Research 6, 168-168 , DOI
Hazara AM, Allgar V, Twiddy M & Bhandari S (2021) 'A mixed-method feasibility study of a novel transitional regime of incremental haemodialysis: study design and protocol' Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 25, (10) 1131-1141 , DOI Open access
Peckham E, Allgar V, Crosland S, Heron P, Johnston G, Newbronner E, Ratschen E, Spanakis P, Wadman R & Walker L (2021) 'Investigating smoking and nicotine dependence among people with severe mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic: analysis of linked data from a UK Closing the Gap cohort' BJPsych Open 7, (3) , DOI
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Phillips H, Wright B, Allgar V, McConachie H, Sweetman J, Hargate R, Hodkinson R, Bland M, George H & Hughes A (2021) 'Adapting and validating the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Version 2 for use with deaf children and young people' Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders , DOI
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Ferguson D, Harwood P, Allgar V, Roy A, Foster P, Taylor M, Moulder E & Sharma H (2021) 'The PINS Trial: a prospective randomized clinical trial comparing a traditional versus an emollient skincare regimen for the care of pin-sites in patients with circular frames' The Bone & Joint Journal 103-B, (2) 279-285 , DOI
Clark J, Amoakwa E, Wright-Hughes A, Blenkinsopp J, Currow DC, Meads D, Farrin A, Allgar V, Macleod U & Johnson M (2021) 'A cluster randomised trial of a Needs Assessment Tool for adult Cancer patients and their carers (NAT-C) in primary care: A feasibility study' PLoS One 16, (1) e0245647-e0245647 , DOI Open access
Wright N, Allgar V, Hankins F & Hearty P (2021) 'Long-term Condition Management for Prisoners: exploring prevalence and compliance with national monitoring processes' Qeios , DOI
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Van Der Feltz-Cornelis CM, Varley D, Allgar VL & de Beurs E (2020) 'Workplace Stress, Presenteeism, Absenteeism, and Resilience Amongst University Staff and Students in the COVID-19 Lockdown' Frontiers in Psychiatry 11, , DOI
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