Dr Vasilios Kelefouras

Dr Vasilios Kelefouras

Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

   Dr Vasilios Kelefouras joined the Department of Computing at University of Plymouth in Sept. 2018. His research expertise lies in the field of optimizing compilers, code optimization, High Performance Computing, data transfer optimization, static task scheduling and embedded systems.
  He received his Master diploma “Integrated Software and Hardware Systems” of Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of University of Patras in 2008; he graduated with distinction and he earned the 1st Fellowship award. In 2013, he received his PhD from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Patras; he composed and won the Greek PhD Research Scholarship. From Sept. 2013 until Dec 2016 he had been working as a postdoctoral researcher at VLSI lab at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras. Additionally, from Oct. 2015 until Dec. 2016, he had been working as a postdoctoral researcher at Embedded System Design and Application Lab of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. From Jan. 2017 until Dec. 2017 he was a Research Fellow at Distributed Systems and Services Research Group, School of Computing, University of Leeds (UK). Last, from Dec. 2017 until Sept. 2018 he had been working as a Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Teaching interests

I am the module leader of

  • Embedded Programming and the Internet of Things (SOFT261)
  • Computer Systems and Networks (NET112)
  • Computer Architecture and Low Level Programming (SEC204)

In the past I have also taught :

  • Computer Science Workshop (AINT514)
  • Computational Problem Solving and Computer Systems (ISAD515)

Research interests

  My research area lies in the field of optimizing compilers, loop transformations, High Performance Computing, static task scheduling and embedded systems. 
  The last 11 years I have carried out high quality research in several European and Greek research projects and published 28 research papers in high quality journals and conferences, such as IEEE/ACM transactions and HiPEAC. I have gained strong R&D experience in optimizing software (SW) applications, in terms of execution time, energy consumption and memory size, in a wide range of different hardware (HW) platforms, i.e., single/multi-core CPUs, microcontrollers, hard/soft processors on FPGAs, GPGPUs, clusters; moreover, I have some experience in developing optimized HW-SW co-design solutions and high throughput / low area HW solutions on FPGAs.

Publications in international Journals


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Publications in international Conferences


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Book Chapters

B1. K. Djemame, R. Kavanagh, V. Kelefouras, A. Aguila, J. Ejarque, R.M. Badia, D. Garcia Perez, C. Pezuela, J-C. Deprez, L. Guedria, R. De Landtsheer and Y. Georgiou, “Towards an Energy-aware Framework for application development and execution in Heterogeneous parallel architectures” In: Accelerators for energy efficient data centers, C. Kachris (Ed.), 2018, pp. 175-196.

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