Dr Tony Gilbert

Dr Tony Gilbert

Visiting Specialist

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Associate Professor


1977. Registered Nurse (Learning Disability). Southmead Health District. Bristol.

1988. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Social Sciences. First Class. The Open University.

1991. Master of Science in Advanced Educational and Social Research Methods (Social Policy Option). The Open University.

1993. Post Graduate Certificate in the Education of Adults. University of Surrey.

2001. PhD. Title: Social Welfare: Care Planning and the Politics of Trust. The Open University.

Professional membership

 British Sociological Association.

Fellow of the Higher Education Acedemy.

Registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council.

Roles on external bodies

Trustee: Virginia House Settlement, Plymouth
Joint Regional Convenor: Southwest MedSoc



Teaching interests

Health and Social Policy.

Research methods.

Learning disability.

Work Based learning.

Staff serving as external examiners

2013 – External Examiner: MSc Health and Social Care Leadership, Sheffield Hallam University
2008 –  External Examiner: MA Social Sector Planning and Management, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

PhD University of Liverpool (February 2012)
EdD Open University (January 2011)
PhD examination: Bucks New University [Brunel University regulations] (December 2010)
PhD Makerere University Kampala Uganda
PhD Institute of Education: University of London
PhD Glasgow Caledonian University.
PhD University of Huddersfield



Research interests

Specific research interests in the sociology of health, well-being and disability.
Research focus on power, trust, citizenship and governmentality.
Also interested in paticipatory research approaches.
Involved with BSA medical sociology group.

Other research

Refereed conference presentations.

1991. English National Board Learning Disability Conference. Presentation title Consumer Participation in Learning Disability Services. College of Ripon and St John. Ripon.

1994. English National Board Learning Disability Conference. Presentation title Assessing Health Needs in people with severe learning disabilities. College of Ripon and St John. Ripon.

1995. English National Board Learning Disability Conference. Presentation title Children with long term health needs: Raising the profile within the nursing curriculum. University of Nottingham.

2000. United Kingdom Public Health association (UKPHA). Presentation title; The Politics of Trust. Harrogate.

2000. Royal College of Nursing; Nursing Research Conference. Presentation title; The Politics of Trust. University of Sheffield.

2001. Contesting Conversations Conference. Presentation title; Reflective practice and clinical supervision: meticulous rituals of the confessional. Adelaide: Australia.

2001[November] Royal College of Nursing International Rehabilitation Society conference. Presentation title; Governmentality and the self-managing individual. Edinburgh.

2003. Collaborating Conversations Conference. Exploring the dynamics of trust. Workshop: University of Bournemouth: UK.

2003. Collaborating Conversations Conference. Critical reflection on reflection practice [with D Freshwater], University of Bournemouth: UK.

2004. IASSID 12th World Conference: Montpellier France.

1. Citizenship: locating people with learning disabilities.

2. Involving people with high support needs in the research process through the use of a qualitative methodology.

2005. [June] Mixed methods in Health and Social Care. Involving People with Learning disabilities in Research: Issues and Possibilities. Homerton College: Cambridge.

2006. [May/June] conference of the International Association for Human Caring: Fremantle WA. Politics and Policy in Caring: Professional Authority and Trust.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD: Lindsay Pike, ‘Not Just Ticking the Box’: a study of training transfer related to safeguarding adults training in Cornwall (2012)

MPhil: Jonathan Perry, ‘User Involvement in Teaching Interpersonal Skills to Mental Health Nurses’ (2012) 

Grants & contracts

Gilbert, T., Moran, B., Ford, D., Cook, S. & Bellinger, A. (2012) Higher Education Academy: Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series. Assessing Professional Decision Making in Social Work £1000
Gilbert, T. (2010) Consultant/Associate to Tribal Consulting. Due Diligence of West Midlands Learning Disability Services for Sandwell Foundation NHS trust,  £1,500
Gilbert, T., Indge, R., Barnett, S., Stanley, S. & Moran, B. (2010) Developing an Evidence-Base to Inform Provision for Voluntary and Community Sector Governance. ESRC: short Knowledge Transfer Partnership. £38,068

Project TEMPUS LMTS. European Union €11,623.00

Gilbert, T. (2008) Consultant/Associate to Tribal Consulting. Review of joint learning disability service London Borough of Hackney. £6,050
Gilbert, T., Indge, R., Ford, D. & Leverton, C. (2008) Review the evidence base to optimise the design and delivery of training and development for social/care workers involved with the safeguarding of vulnerable adults. ESRC: Knowledge Transfer Partnership: £113,000   
Gilhooly, M., Harries, P., Gilhooly, K, J., Henessey, C., Stanley, D., Gilbert, T., & Penhale, B., (2007) Detecting and preventing financial abuse of older adults: An examination of decision-making by managers and professionals. ESRC New Dynamics of Ageing Research Programme Ref Number: RES-352-25-0026. £325,000
Gilbert, T., & Barnett, A. (2007). Exploring models of expert/consultant practice in social work and how this links to the new Post Qualifying framework and the development of the research/evidence base in social work. Skills for Care £12,756.
Gilbert, T., & Indge, R. (2007) Developing leadership skills in social work and social care using work based learning approaches. Skills for Care, £18,700.
 Gilbert, T. Donnellan, H. & Jack, G. 2006 – 2007, Identifying the education and training needs of newly qualified social workers in child care in Devon. £38,000 Peninsula Child Care Partnership
Gilbert, T. & Donnellan, H. 2005 – 2006 Developing the Far Southwest PQ Consortium managed learning environment, £37,000 Skills for Care
 Gilbert, T. 2005, Evaluation of the living with cancer pack. £4,800 The Mustard Tree Centre/Macmillan         Farrand P, Gilbert T, Rawlinson J, Confue P, Cassidy T & Booth, N. 2004 – ongoing. Evaluating an early intervention service for young people at risk of being diagnosed as having a personality disorder. £65,890 commissioned by Plymouth tPCT.
Petersen A & Gilbert T. 5:2004 – 12:2004. Older Carers of people with learning disability’s views of the future housing needs of the person they care for. £10,000 commissioned by Plymouth City Council.
NHS Executive2004. £25,000 development of education programmes for Primary Mental Health Workers for CAMHS.
NHS Executive 2002. £44,000 development of education programme for New Graduate Mental Health Workers in Primary Care.
McFarlane A & Gilbert T. 6:1999 – 5:2000. Development of web-based materials to support the teaching of research skills to health professionals. Joint project with the centre for Research into Educational ICT Homerton College. Project funded by the NHS Executive Regional Office (£170,000.00).
Callan, L., Gilbert, T., Golding, K., Lockyer, T., & Rafter, K.  1994. A qualitative approach to assessing health needs in people with severe learning disabilities. University of Southampton School of Nursing and Midwifery and Southampton Community Health Services Trust (£3000). 
May, A, E., Gilbert, T.,&  Ostler, E. 1979-1983. Quasi experimental approach in the treatment of self injurious behaviour in children with severe learning disabilities.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Gilbert AP & Farrand PF (2012) 'Troubled lives: chaos and trauma in the accounts of young people considered ‘at risk’ of diagnosis of personality disorder' Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Gilbert AP, Farrand PF & Lankshear G (2012) 'Crisis and Loss in the Social Experiences of Young Adults with Undiagnosed Personality Disorder' Illness, Crisis and Loss 2, (20) 119-140
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Gilbert AP & Powell JP (2011) 'Personalisation and Sustainable Care' Journal of Care Services Management 2, (5) 79-86
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Conferences organised

Member: British Society of Gerontology (2011) Annual Conference Organising Committee, University of Plymouth