Mr Tom Mullier

Mr Tom Mullier

Research Assistant AB

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Rees SE, Ashley M, Cameron A, Mullier T, Ingle C, Oates J, Lannin A, Hooper T & Attrill MJ (2022) 'A marine natural capital asset and risk register—Towards securing the benefits from marine systems and linked ecosystem services' Journal of Applied Ecology , DOI Open access
Clason C, Rangecroft S, Kallis G, Lewin S & Mullier T (2021) 'GlacierMap: a virtual opportunity to explore the Andes’ vanishing glaciers' Geography 106, (3) 148-153 , DOI Open access
Rees SE, Ashley M, Evans L, Mangi S, Sheehan EV, Mullier T, Rees A & Attrill MJ (2020) 'An evaluation of the social and economic impact of a Marine Protected Area on commercial fisheries' Fisheries Research 235, 105819-105819 , DOI Open access
Solandt J-L, Mullier T, Elliott S & Sheehan E (2020) 'Managing marine protected areas in Europe' Marine Protected Areas Elsevier 157-181 Publisher Site , DOI