Dr Swen Gaudl

Dr Swen Gaudl

Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


04/2012 – 03/2016 University of Bath

Degree: PhD in Computer Science

Topic: "Building Robust Real-Time Game AI: Simplifying & Automating Integral Process Steps in Multi-Platform Design"

Grade: passed with minor corrections

Supervision: Dr. Joanna Bryson

Location: Bath, United Kingdom
10/2000 – 05/2009 Ilmenau University of Technology

Degree: Diplom Informatiker (equivalent to: MSc in computer science)

Thesis: "Design and Refinment of NPC Rules in Digital Board Games“

Grade: (Thesis/Diploma) 1.3/2.1 (equivalent to US: A/A-)

Supervision: Professor Dr Rainer Knauf

Location: Ilmenau, Germany

Professional membership

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Adademy

Roles on external bodies

    • Editor of the AISB Publications & Quarterly Magazine

Teaching interests

  • Pervasive Computing (the use of pervasive/ubiquitous technology in everyday settings)
  • Advanced Robotics and Prototyping 

Research interests

I am a computer scientist interested in artificial intelligence, animal behaviour, cognition, games, low-cost robotics and rapid prototyping, rule-based systems and a lot more

Research groups


Conferences organised

AISB 2019 annual convention


personal website: https://swen.fairrats.eu