Dr Simon Ussher

Dr Simon Ussher

Associate Professor of Marine and Analytical Chemistry

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Lecturer (Chemistry and Environmental Science)
PhD supervisor


MChem Chemistry (University of Wales, Swansea 1995-1999)
PhD Iron biogeochemistry (University of Plymouth, 2000-2005)

Professional membership

MRSC Royal Society of Chemistry
Challenger Society
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)

Roles on external bodies

Adjunct Faculty of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Challenger Society Fellow



Research interests

Trace metal biogeochemistry
Coupling biogeochemical models with physical and ecological models
Shipboard analytical methods and trace metal sample processing

Other research

Participant in the Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) time series and IRONAGES EU project

Collaboration with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS), University of Tasmania (UTAS), Florida State University (FSU), Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

Grants & contracts

Grant income and submission record      

Co-investigator and named PDRF on the following proposal submissions unless identified:

1. “Redox and colloidal iron biogeochemistry in surface Atlantic waters” NERC Standard Grant, July 2002. Co-investigator and named PDRF, Awarded £ 205,337

2. “Solubility of Aerosol Iron in Open-ocean Seawater” Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF), August 2008, Awarded 245,000

3."The supply of iron from shelf sediments to the ocean" . NERC grant Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry Programme, Co-I with Maeve Lohan, 2013-2017 Awarded £ 304,000

3. “Determining the Impact of Seawater Chemistry on the Solubility of Atmospheric Trace metals (DISCOSAT)” Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, January 2013 Awarded 100,000



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Zhu K, Birchill AJ, Milne A, Ussher S, Humphreys MP, Carr N, Mahaffey C, Lohan MC, Achterberg EP & Gledhill M (2021) 'Equilibrium calculations of iron speciation and apparent iron solubility in the Celtic Sea at ambient seawater pH using the NICA-Donnan model' Marine Chemistry , DOI Open access
White C, Ussher SJ, Fitzsimons MF, Atkinson S, Woodward EMS, Yang M & Bell TG (2021) 'Inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus in Western European aerosol and the significance of dry deposition flux into stratified shelf waters' Atmospheric Environment 261, , DOI Open access
Zhi M, Zhang X, Zhang K, Ussher SJ, Lv W, Li J, Gao J, Luo Y & Meng F (2021) 'The characteristics of atmospheric particles and metal elements during winter in Beijing: Size distribution, source analysis, and environmental risk assessment' Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 211, , DOI Open access
Leng G, Jin C-F, Bell TG, Ussher SJ, Worsfold PJ & Li W-Y (2020) 'Automated, high frequency, on-line dimethyl sulfide measurements in natural waters using a novel “microslug” gas-liquid segmented flow method with chemiluminescence detection' Talanta 221, 121595-121595 , DOI Open access
Schmidt K, Birchill AJ, Atkinson A, Brewin RJW, Clark JR, Hickman AE, Johns DG, Lohan MC, Milne A & Pardo S (2020) 'Increasing picocyanobacteria success in shelf waters contributes to long-term food web degradation' Global Change Biology , DOI Open access
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Birchill A, Clinton-Bailey G, Hanz R, Mawji E, Cariou T, White C, Ussher SJ, Worsfold P, Achterberg E & Mowlem M (2019) 'Realistic measurement uncertainties for marine macronutrient measurements conducted using gas segmented flow and Lab-on-Chip techniques' Talanta , DOI Open access
Clough R, Lohan MC, Ussher SJ, Nimmo M & Worsfold PJ (2019) 'Uncertainty associated with the leaching of aerosol filters for the determination of metals in aerosol particulate matter using collision/reaction cell ICP-MS detection' Talanta 199, 425-430 , DOI Open access
Birchill AJ, Hartner NT, Kunde K, Siemering B, Daniels C, Gonzalez-Santana D, Milne A, Ussher SJ, Worsfold PJ & Leopold K (2019) 'The eastern extent of seasonal iron limitation in the high latitude North Atlantic Ocean' Scientific Reports 9, Author Site , DOI Open access
Worsfold P, Achterberg E, Birchill A, Clough R, Leito I, Lohan M, Milne A & Ussher S (2019) 'Estimating Uncertainties in Oceanographic Trace Element Measurements' Frontiers in Marine Science , DOI Open access
Shelley RU, Landing WM, Ussher SJ, Planquette H & Sarthou G (2018) 'Regional trends in the fractional solubility of Fe and other metals from North Atlantic aerosols (GEOTRACES cruises GA01 and GA03) following a two-stage leach' Biogeosciences 15, (8) 2271-2288 , DOI Open access
Rusiecka D, Gledhill M, Milne A, Achterberg EP, Annett AL, Atkinson S, Birchill A, Karstensen J, Lohan M & Mariez C (2018) 'Anthropogenic Signatures of Lead in the Northeast Atlantic' Geophysical Research Letters 45, (6) 2734-2743 , DOI Open access
Fishwick MP, Ussher SJ, Sedwick PN, Lohan MC, Worsfold PJ, Buck KN & Church TM (2017) 'Impact of surface ocean conditions and aerosol provenance on the dissolution of aerosol manganese, cobalt, nickel and lead in seawater' Marine Chemistry , DOI Open access
Birchill AJ, Milne A, S. Woodward EM, Harris C, Annett A, Rusiecka D, Achterberg EP, Gledhill M, Ussher SJ & Worsfold PJ (2017) 'Seasonal iron depletion in temperate shelf seas' Geophysical Research Letters , DOI Open access
Floor GH, Clough R, Lohan MC, Ussher SJ, Worsfold PJ & Quetel CR (2015) 'Combined uncertainty estimation for the determination of the dissolved iron amount content in seawater using flow injection with chemiluminescence detection' LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY-METHODS 13, (12) 673-686 Author Site , DOI Open access
Sedwick PN, Sohst BM, Ussher SJ & Bowie AR (2015) 'A zonal picture of the water column distribution of dissolved iron(II) during the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic transect cruise (GEOTRACES GA03)' Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 116, 166-175 , DOI
Fishwick MP, Sedwick PN, Lohan MC, Worsfold PJ, Buck KN, Church TM & Ussher SJ (2014) 'The impact of changing surface ocean conditions on the dissolution of aerosol iron' GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES 28, (11) 1235-1250 Author Site , DOI Open access
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Bell TG, Yang M & Ussher SJ (2020) 'Atmospheric Emissions from Ships' Environmental Impact of Ships Cambridge University Press 11-55 , DOI
Conference Papers
Achterberg EP, Ussher S, Gledhill M, Worsfold PJ, Bowie AR, Gehrels WR, Geider R & de Baar HJ (2004) 'Role of iron in marine biogeochemistry' A327-A327
Presentations and posters
Birchill A, Baker C, Wyatt N, Turnbull I, Milne A, Martin A, Moore M & Ussher S Birchill A, Baker C, Wyatt N, Turnbull I, Milne A, Martin A, Moore M & Ussher S '<i>Hydrothermal iron supply to the remote southeast Pacific Ocean</i>' , DOI
Cooper E, Thomas S, Ussher S, Rush D, Cunliffe M & Lengger S Cooper E, Thomas S, Ussher S, Rush D, Cunliffe M & Lengger S 'Marine fungi and the biological carbon pump - a quest for novel biomarkers for key players in the carbon cycle' , DOI Open access


Conferences organised

Co-organiser of the first Marine Institute Conference - “Understanding Marine Systems” (University of Plymouth, December 2007).